Archive | December 13, 2012

A life update

I have been working away on various projects and when I’m done I’m so excited I post a picture and then since I don’t want to spam the world with my blather I end up not posting about my lovely life and family.  HOWEVER my main reason for blogging is to record what is going on so I can look back on it (trust me, I do this more then I thought I would and I kick myself for some of the blogging breaks I took).

This week was one of those weeks we got the appointments done.  Monday was a snow day so Niamh helped me with a few things around the house since her preschool was off and we mailed Aunt Josie her present.  That is a project I’m very excited for but I can’t post a picture until she gets it so it can be a surprise.  All I’m saying is I liked it so much I’m making myself one (and she nearly didn’t get that one…).  Tuesday the whole crew went to the dentist and that was actually far better then expected.  We got there on time, Niamh had a minor freak out because she had to be in a different room then me for her cleaning because I was getting a cleaning too but she was fine and according to the hygienist Niamh had very little plaque and perfect teeth otherwise.  Zoe played kindle and Fiona hung out in her bucket for a bit and then on my lap while I was poked, prodded and then sparkled up.  I have no new cavities!!!  That is great news for me ::smile::  They were all so well behaved that I took them to the big play land in the mcDonalds nearby and they played so nicely together it made up for their more crazy fits of the past and they ate their lunch with no quibbling.  We left perfectly on time to get Niamh to preschool and the morning would have been perfect except I got stuck on a slippy hill and had to go around and two suicidal joggers (running in shorts! in 12 degrees!) tried to give me dirty looks as they popped out from behind a hedge and into the road going the wrong way when I was trying to leave the lot and make the light.  I did not hit them but they were sure tempting death – the roads were very slick and they were not careful at all.  Tuesday continued to be a good day in the afternoon we did family pictures for Christmas and I talked to Josie for her birthday and then my cousin in Japan and ended the night with a brillent pork dish with capers.


Wednesday was also a good one.  Great workout and then a spur of the moment shopping outing with a friend after lunch so I got a few things checked off my list.  The kids were in school and Fiona was a doll through the whole expedition so other then loosing my cleaning day it was a great day in general.  The only exception was a discussion with the husband about a few things including the fact that he feels the kids are my job.  I agree they are during normal working hours but not 24-7.  He blustered some but today was 100% more helpful already getting them ready for the day.


Today Fiona had her 6 month check up and was declared right on track.  She is a bit on the light side at 15lb but she is good for growth and everything else.  Anyone who wants to knit a hat her head is just a shade larger then 16 inches.  Niamh and Zoe weighed themselves too and Niamh is 40lb and Zoe is 30lb.  Funny, Niamh feels much heavier then Zoe, must be that she is long and lanky.  She can reach so many things now.  There was a chubby little girl coming in as we were leaving and weighing ourselves and she got on the scale and was 50lb and she was inches shorter then Niamh.  I felt a little bad for the situation but everyone grows at their own rate.  We had planned on going to story time but the car decided to not start in the gas station parking lot.  Luckily it was very very not busy and we were a mile from home so Lars came to rescue us.  We got this battery jumper thingie for the snowmobile and it has been the best purchase ever.  Kids are a bit to fidgety with the lights and I think the light was on all night and I’m amazed the car started at all but I’m glad it didn’t die somewhere worse.  Post rescue I drove to Starbucks because you need to drive a bit after a jump and got a nice coffee for my rescue ranger (and myself).  


Now kids are napping, Fiona is a bit sensative from her shots but sleeping.  I have a huge list of holiday crafts for the afternoon and the sun is out so I’m looking forward to a good afternoon.  This is our LAST weekend in MN for the year and I need to clean and organize and hopefully get everything done.  That is my update – kids grow, cars batteries sometimes die but husbands are good at rescuing, and holiday crafts are fun for all.