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The thrilling conclusion of ‘Niamh cooks’

A few nights ago I popped this post up so I wouldn’t miss a blog day but just left the world wondering ‘what is in that concoction’ and more importantly ‘was it edible’ ….

It all started when Niamh saw some mini marshmallows I bought on sale for a Christmas craft gift and decided she had to make marshmallow cookies.  She had a very strong idea about how to make these cookies.  I have friends who’s kids around the same age start wanting to bake and since I was making cookies anyway I figured I would indulge her creativity.  First her recipe;

Mini Marshmallows – about a cup

water – an unknown amount, she made many trips with the 1/4 cup

oil – she wanted a cup, I gave her a tablespoon

sugar – another unknown but I only let her have the sugar bowl so it was probably just a few teaspoons

salt – 1/4 teaspoon

egg white only – because the yolk is for our friends dog (many of my recipes only call for the whites so I’m sure that’s where she got it)


I convinced her to add some baking powder and some flour.  She decided it needed 3 chocolate chips and 6 minutes of stirring.


This was very liquid even after the flour so I told her to use a loaf pan to bake it.  She believed it would only take 6 minutes (my love of the number 6 is rubbing off) but I was baking cookies that needed to be rotated at 8 min so we just checked it then and it still needed more time.  Niamh waited by the stove peering into the oven door watching her cake and describing my macaroons ‘flattening out’ and demonstrating the flat cookies by melting onto the floor (I have a melting macaroon issue… she was right, they were melting but less then the first batch).  At 18 minutes my semi flat macaroons and her marshmallow cake were done and ready to cool.  I decided her cake was done since it was nicely browned and it had risen some.

Then we tried it….


Now a lot of people are amazed I tried it but really, I knew what went into it and I always want her to taste what I cook so what is the harm.  I ate it and it tasted like very sweet, very bland egg.  She tasted it too and said it was ‘not bad but not good’.  Lars also tried it and said it was better then he expected.  It was actually better then some breakfasts I’ve eaten on transatlantic flights but that is a low bar.


This is the best part.  Later in the day I asked her what she might change about her recipe and she very thoughtfully said that she thinks she forgot something very important – I asked ‘what’ expecting something like more sugar or something and she completely straight faced answered; “I forgot a cake mix, that would have made it better”


Lessons learned.  I use many cake mixes, I don’t use enough recipes since she didn’t even think of looking up marshmallow cookies.  She has the very basics and that is nice and she was excited to try again so I must be doing something right.


ps.  feel free to use her recipe but I agree, adding a cake mix might make it a whole lot better.