Archive | December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Blog – Goodbye Aunt Mary

My Blog is now 8 years old and has grown quite a bit over time.  At the end of the year WordPress will spit out a report but I’ve been happy to see people subscribing and liking and commenting.  Composing this in my head last night I did not know that by morning I would be missing one of my longest constant readers…

My aunt Mary passed away last night (or morning… not sure…) in Ireland where she kept up with her American family in many ways including my blog.  Here are my stats for the past 7 days – she is Ireland for me;


She was always reading and watching my flickr.  Unfortunately I did not get to know her as well since she lived in so far away but I loved her and I’ll miss her.  It may seem silly to miss someone I have not seen in almost 20 years but I did see her every day on my stats table.  My consolation is that she went so fast that  at least she had no worries.

No way to end this gracefully so I’m going to go do some dishes and possibly indulge in some sadness while all the kids are napping.