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K week

Doing a little research on K activities and I found this list by searching “K activities”



Oh my… what an … eclectic list….

I think we will be kicking, maybe knitting, probably kisses but wow – some of those activities are disturbing yet oddly related.  Notice how there is knife sharpening and also killing (and if you are really good Karate can be deadly too I suppose).  King crowning and Knighting also go well together.


Anyway.  December has been shaping up to be a busy month, like that is news to anyone out there.  I think I am fairly good on the shopping front but I need to get it all in one spot and be sure then start the mailing process.  I have an idea for Christmas card but need to actually do it then send them all.  This week Niamh started a ‘play school’ at the local highschool.  It is a free ‘school’ run by the kids in a class that lasts for a couple hours.  I wanted Niamh to get comfortable in another school setting and this was a nice way to shake things up a bit.  She knows some of the kids already from the mom’s club but drop off was still hard the first day.  I was very happy when she ran and skipped to the room the second day.  We are doing 3 days a week and one is on one of her normal daycare days so I’m loosing one of my get things done days and adding a logistic variable but it is only for 3 weeks total and I think it is worth it for the experience   She is growing out of her intense shyness but it is still bad sometimes.

Fiona has been speeding through the milestones.  At 6 months she is now grabbing everything with reach and somehow has developed a much longer reach then one would expect.  She eats one meal of people food a day and has eaten everything I put in front of her but she loves bananas.  Yesterday I set the banana next to her (my bad) and poured milk for the girls and all of a sudden she had it in her hand dumping it all over herself and the chair.  She then went face first in to the puddle and ate it….  Neither of the other two cared much for food at this age.  Time to start making some babyfood now that I know what she likes.  Fiona is also almost sitting.  She can sit for about a count of 3 before she tips in one direction or another.  I also see teeth buds – nothing breaking the gums yet but I bet Christmas will be interesting.  Her rolling ability is still not fully known.  I have no idea if she can do it at will or if she just does it by virtue of her natural squirmy self but she flips like a fish when she is mad about napping (still napping 3x a day thank goodness).  She goes to bed between 7 and 8 and takes a snack around 1am and is out until 5 or 6am so I can’ t complain.  Days where she is over stimulated I can tell because she eats more at night to make up for micro feedings during the day but nothing as bad as Niamh and Zoe who went on daycare hunger strikes and got basically all their milk from me all night.


I am getting more and more used to the stay at home life, I can’t believe it has been 6 months already.


Since today is my only get things done day I need to go get things done