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Baptized baby

Thankyou to everyone who came and we missed those who could not make it. Better pictures in the real camera.

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corks for Kate – a new charity

There is the story of our christmas and our travels and our visiting but there is nothing all that outstanding really (and I’ll write it up later for postarity) but the important story is my new charity; corks for Kate.


It started on thanksgiving when I made my family save all the corks for a cork project I had in mind and they laughed at what I called my ‘collection’ because it was only 2 maybe 3 corks so far.  By the end of thanksgiving I had about 10 or 12 thanks to my sisters but not enough for my craft. That was fine, I didn’t really have time for the craft anyway.  I didn’t exactly forget about it but I did think that it would just be a back burner project as I gained one or two at a time over the months and then yesterday at Christmas one of my gifts was a box of corks from my sister who had saved them for me and the box was even labeled ‘corks for Kate’ and  so my first charity donation was small yet important.  Today we had a cousins party at an aunts house who is an avid wine drinker and the charity got a massive donation – I now have over 100 corks!  I can craft!  I can do more then one cork craft!  I can’t wait to start  so expect cork craft updates in the next 30 days, and, if you wish to make donations let me know Pinterestst is full of ideas I can’t wait to try.


Hope everyone had a good holiday and have good plans for new years~

Fiona’s first Christmas

Merry Christmas, or, have a great Tuesday.

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Christmas Eve

No matter how hard we tried she would not let us leave beer for Santa.

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Tea and cake for breakfast

Famous and infamous teapot

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3 ornaments

Happy yet sleepy

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