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National Blog Posting Month

I won! ¬†I posted every day ūüôā ¬†Here is my cookie;

Don’t worry, I won’t be stopping, I just might not hit every Sunday.

What does a Capt America Cake and Turkey cake pops have in common?

The obvious answer is usually right, they have CAKE in common but this time they actually have the same batch of cake in common. ¬†I have solved the issue with ‘what to do with the cake you don’t need for a special cake’. ¬†Maybe this isn’t an issue for other people but when I made the Owl cake I had a ton of leftover pieces that were not part of the owl and they more or less went to waste ( I think Lars ate a chunk). ¬†I’m sure plenty of others just snack on the extra but I think making cake pop’s from the non needed cake is a better answer (but more work then just¬†eating¬†it)

My Capt America cake

My turkey cake pop

This came about because we decided to celebrate my Lawful-Good* nephew (whose birthday was actually the 28th) birthday when we were all together over last week. ¬†My girls are OBSESSED with youtube cake making videos and we knew TJ would adore the capt America cake as seen in this video Part of the coolness of this cake is that there is an American flag on the inside, but, (spoiler alert) that is created by combining two cakes into one layer thus ‘wasting’ an entire layer of cake (half a box!). ¬†I thought for some time about what to do with the extra ¬†cake and then it came to me – Cake Pop! ¬†A cake pop (or cake ball, popper etc) is a baked cake smooshed up with a can of frosting and covered in¬†chocolate, why not use my extra cake and some frosting to make good (and festive) use of the extra. ¬†For the record my ‘leftover’ layer of cake (a ring of red/white and a circle of blue) made about 18 large pops.

If this was for just a birthday, I would have made the pops more Capt America like, maybe dip them in blue and add a star candy.  As it was, I was loving the turkey pops I found on-line (theirs are better but hey, this was my first pop decorating experience)

Thanks Bakeerella for the picture and the inspiration.

. ¬†The most fun part about cake pops is finding ‘things’ to use in the candy aisle. ¬†The hardest part is then defending that candy from everyone – I suggest hiding it, or, deciding what their cut will be. ¬†The pictures all have the tail feathers made of candy corn but I don’t know if the¬†Midwest¬†hates them or loves them because I can never find them in the stores so I had to get creative. ¬†I went with¬†Swedish¬†fish for feathers because of their size and colors but they actually tasted good with the¬†chocolate¬† ¬†I used a peanut butter m&m for the head and that tasted very good with the cake and¬†chocolate. ¬†I used some broken¬†pretzels¬†for the legs and you can’t beat¬†chocolate¬†and pretzel. ¬†Finally I used good n plenty for the waddle and I think I should have used something different since it didn’t look great but it did match the flavor profile. ¬†Lots of times I see¬†gorgeous¬†pops or other candy creations and I can’t imagine¬†eating¬†it because of the¬†inharmonious¬†flavors they have together because they look good. ¬†I’m more for a tasty bite and will sacrifice a little on the looks.

If you are wondering about how to make the capt america cake the youtube video is right-on for how to make the cake part. ¬†I don’t know if this suggestion is in the comments but used two boxes of cake to make 3 large 9in rounds. ¬†I had some trouble spreading frosting between the cut layers due to excessive crumbs so I used¬†whipped¬†cream on the white layer and strawberry jam on the red layers. ¬†I am also not into how fondant tastes so I just frosted the cake with a thin layer of white then ¬†I piped the rings of red then the blue center and smoothed them out and after that I piped white for the white rings and it nicely covered any waves from the colors and finally a star in the center. ¬†It is not as pretty but it was very tasty. ¬†My family ate it up no problems.

The cake pops were made fairly late at night after a glass of wine but I do think my cake to¬†icing¬†ratio was off so the pops were on the soft side ¬†so I had to dip quick so the¬†chocolate¬†was on the lumpy side. ¬†The¬†Swedish¬†fish were great because I laid them out in a fan and just set the pop onto them. ¬†It was so simple to have them solidify on their back and since they were ‘face’ up I could quick add the head etc. ¬†They turned out yummy but maybe not so pretty but you know, turkeys are not pretty….

This was my first cake pop decorating and only my third ‘fancy’ cake (#1 was the owl #2 the rainbow) and they are far easier they you think¬†especially¬†when you don’t insist on perfection because they are going to be¬†eaten¬†about 10 seconds after it is served.

I’ll never get tired of pictures like this

Trust me, you all are only subjected to maybe 5% of the pictures I take

Never too early for oriel hygiene

Since she has no teeth it was easy for Fiona. I on the other hand have two shiny new fillings!


I have to say, bringing a baby to the dentist was a gamble but she did really well. ¬†She can’t quite sit up yet but pretty soon I’m sure.

Turkey cake pop

How to later but for now a picture (that does not do it justice). The hardest part was defending the candy from a table of tipsy relatives.

followed up here;

Not quite the temple of silence but close

The extended family is gone…. Today was a daycare day so Fiona and I were all alone and she is not really that chatty. ¬†In fact she wanted to nurse and sleep all day like maybe she needed a recovery day too after 7 days of full house time.

In case it was not clear from the growing numbers at the breakfast table, we had my entire family here for Thanksgiving. ¬†My parents, my sister with 4 kids, my sister with her NEW baby and her boyfriend. ¬†It was a super fun crowd and as far as I know there were no fights or ill feelings and at least I had fun and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too.

The weather was fantastic. ¬†Gorgeous¬†sunny warm fall days until just after Thanksgiving dinner and then someone turned on winter because we got a dusting of snow and temps in the 20’s. ¬†The snow was really nice for the Oklahoma cousins to see and they all played outside for over an hour. ¬†I am very very glad I have hand me down’s from a good friend in their size so they didn’t freeze their toes off. ¬†I need to go back and update the pictures with the details behind them and I’ll work on that over the next few days.

Of¬†course¬†there were¬†challenges¬† like getting 4 kids to actually go to sleep in one room and naps were nearly a lost cause. ¬†We moved Zoe into the downstairs bedroom and this is supposed to be a¬†permanent¬†move so Fiona can have a room but I’m not sure how well it will work. ¬†Last night was just as tedious as the others with Zoe not sleeping and melting down so I am giving it one more night and if she can’t handle going to sleep in a shared room she can go back upstairs. ¬†She really really wants to be with Niamh (Niamh is not so sure about loosing her space) so the threat of moving back is keeping her at least quiet tonight if not actually sleeping yet (at 8pm).

Today I could hardly figure out where to start. ¬†It isn’t that the house is all that messy really, but, I need to set things back to ‘normal’ life setting and do all the laundry. ¬†I also had a ‘to call’ list as long as my arm since I put off quite a few things to get ready for house guest. ¬†I need dentist, Dr, Fiona check up etc etc etc. ¬†In the end I did a few calls, a few loads of laundry, cuddled Fiona a ton and worked out so I could not feel bad about eating some candy at (for) lunch.

Tomorrow starts J week so I think we need to make some jell-o and juice and do some jumping… I also think we need to start a¬†Christmas¬†countdown since Niamh keeps thinking it is today or tomorrow and is very excited. ¬†This weekend I think we need to get a tree and start decorating – black Friday was a good deal for me and between today and Friday I got a good chunk of my shopping done so more time for crafting. ¬†Pinterest here I come!

Ps. anyone want to guess how many things of my families I have found so far?

Pps. Bonus Рwho did I NOT find anything left behind (2 right answers possible)