Archive | October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is not Fiona’s costume but too cute not to post for the holiday.  Who does not love a baby in the pumpkin?  (I have some evidance that babies don’t like it….)

The weather here is AWESOME for Halloween.  Cool, clear, sunny – sorry east coast, we are hogging the good weather.

For any who wondered, all my family and friends are accounted for and the worst that happened was some very minor lawn flooding and lack of electric.  Not everyone was so lucky so I am hopefully they recover quickly.  I like a hurricane (as foul weather goes), you have LOTS of warning.  I highly dislike tornadoes – I think I’m living in the wrong place for weather prefrences on many many levels but I’ll focus on the gorgeous day today and the low humidity summers and not dwell on tornadoes or subarctic winter.

Our plans are once around the block then to an indoor party and we are ‘those people’ who will be leaving a dish of candy on the step.