Archive | October 30, 2012

Firestar Niamh

I’m kinda glad we did Niamh as the sun was setting, I have so many good pictures it is hard to choose!

This one looks like a comic book

Here she is throwing a fireball

And here is a good one of her whole costume

More on flicker of both big girls.  Next up Fiona!!!!

*** I added a DIY for this costume here ***

Mermaid Zoe!

Got some good pictures with legs and with tail.  With all the fun bounce houses etc here for Halloween parties (indoors because sometimes it snows here) I had to make a costume that had a removable tail.

Later I’ll get good ones of Firestar, her costume is currently in the wash due to some unfortunate chocolate milk drinking….



I made the dress and the tail.  The bag my sister made for her own mermaid costume.