Archive | October 29, 2012

Spider pops

I’m working on a how-to for the FireStar costume but it is longer then I thought.  I’m also trying to, you know, clean and do laundry on my ‘free’ day (#1 and #2 at school) but I can’t resist my crafts (and sharing them).  Pinterest, the font of all crafts, inspired this one but I am always on the lookout for a use for my million dumdum lollypops from the birthday topiary   So far I have made bows for lots of birthday gifts and now this Halloween treat for the kids at school.

They are very very very easy.  Sorry I didn’t take pictures of each step but hopefully you can do it from these instructions

1. take two pipecleanter and cut them in half

2. set the lolly pop stick in the center of the 4 pipcleaner pieces (perpendicular)

3. wrap the pipecleaners across the top – criss cross, one time

4. flip the whole thing over so the criss cross is on the bottom

5. bend the legs on each side in the center, I think it looks like an M or a W

6. spread out the legs so it stands up – adjust your bends or add ‘feet’ as necessary

The original one had google eyes but I figured that was a bit fussy for the 28 I planned on making.  I’m thinking of adding a tag or something but I’m not sure where… Maybe make a spider web one that it can sit on.  The original also used only black legs but I like the festive look of all the different colors, and, they corrdinate with the flavor/color of the pop.  Really, you think there are rules in spider lolly pops?

Hope the kids like them