Archive | October 23, 2012

It only Tuesday?!?

It was a hectic weekend and Lars had to work unexpectedly for all of Sunday shooting our plans.  On the one hand I can handle them all day without much problem on the other the days start to run into each other after a while.  Yesterday was a daycare day so I actually got some stuff done but nowhere near what I had intended to do so the house looks a bit like a tornado hit it again but that is part of the process.  The project yesterday was rationalizing the 2 full totes of winter gear and after all that I think we still need coats but we have about 20 sets of hats and gloves.  I made a cool bag to keep the kids gloves, I call it “a port for the winter” because it is made of the port corner of my dad’s old sail.

So far I’ve made a big bag for Lars’ work out stuff, a bag for sand toys and now this and there is still tons of fabric left.


I like that I have time to do little organization projects but I really need to apply myself and get the house in order.  Right now I am torn between said housework and the need to nap.  I am putting ‘full night sleep’ on the top of my list.  Fiona is usually good but for the past week she keeps rolling over in her sleep and then she screams that she is not how she wants to be.  I’m swaddling her again and that helps but she still eats around 1am.  Last night Niamh visited at 3am, Lars got a work call at 4am, Fiona wanted to eat again at 5am, and Zoe was up at 6am (Lars went with her at least).  I wrangled everyone out to the library and lunch with friends and now I think I need a nap if I’m going to make it to the end of the day….


Tomorrow Halloween updates 🙂