Archive | October 20, 2012

Look what I made!


I originally got the idea from Pinterest where there was a cute picture (a lot like this one) and the simple description “turn tomato cages upside down, add Christmas lights and a sheet”.  I thought that sounded easy and I already had 2 cheep sheets I use for backdrops in pictures, 2 tomato cages supporting nothing but dead vines and a bucket of Christmas lights just taking up space until Christmas so I thought this would be a nice 10 min or less project (most time being hacking away the dead tomato vines).


The link from the original picture on Pinterest is dead so I’ll never know if they had the same ‘issues’ I did but this was not as simple as it seems.  Here is what I encountered and my solutions.

1. tomato cages are pointy at the bottom so my ghosts look like dunces with pointy heads

– solved this one by using empty gallon milk containers, I pierced each one with a scissors and speared it with the tomato cage – much rounder head shape.


2. tomato cages are tippy so my dunce ghosts were ‘asleep’ on the lawn in the morning

– solved this by staking them down with tent stakes and some chord I had, I used 4 stakes and criss-crossed the chord over the middle ring


3. no clue what they used for a face but I didn’t want to cut or permanently mark the sheet

– I used electrical tape, so far its held up through wind, rain, puddled on the grass for a day, in a tree…


4. There is wind where I live – maybe not wind like in SD or OK but it still gets windy and one morning I found my sheets decorating my tree

– close pins – so far so good but it has not been super windy since


My cat also likes to attack them but I have no solution for that.


in the end it really would only take 10 min but in addition to tomato cage, sheet and lights you will need tent stakes and hammer, chord/string, and empty plastic jug, electrical tape and sissors, and close pins