Archive | October 19, 2012

Firestar costume

God bless foam and spray glue.

virtual trail run for kids

I don’t know if I actually came up with something not available on youtube so maybe you guys can help.  For the LONG winter months ahead I was thinking it would be cool to have a video of a run for kids where there are branches to jump over and puddles to go around etc.  They would watch it on TV and run along with it and do the little obstacles as they come.  Maybe I play too much Wii Skii but the balance board isn’t great for little kids and they get too competitive – I just want them to be active for 7-10 minutes yet not destroy anything.  I’ve goggled  trail run, virtual trail run, obstacle course and all of those terms +kids and got interesting things but not what I’m looking for.  Am I missing it?  Unless someone has one handy I think that might be a project for this weekend – my run would be around my block because I think I can set up some puddles and sticks and none of my neighbors would mind.  I’ll post it on youtube and who knows, maybe I’ll be famous someday.


Seriously – I’m busy enough to not do this so if someone can find what I’m looking for let me know!