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F dinner

French Fries (home made!), chicken fingers, fresh fruit, and apple fritters

I love Halloween shirts!

Also, Fiona’s first pony.


Ok, lots of people keep thinking Fiona looks like Zoe and I agree they look like sisters I don’t think they look that alike.  I can’t find a picture of Zoe in this same shirt, but, here is a really similar one at exactly the same age





And here is one of Niamh at the same relative age – since she is one month ‘ahead’ no Halloween gear in her 4 month pictures.




I think that Fiona looks pretty different then both her sisters but maybe its because I see her every day nearly 24-7 but her hair is different, she has blue eyes, her face is longer and thinner and she smiles way more then Niamh or Zoe.  She is also more calm, sleeps more and eats better and in reviewing the pictures I think I’m missing some of my favorite outfits!  You guys can judge for yourself but I think you just remember Zoe better (or you just think all babies look alike 😉