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Sorry for missing yesterday, I was doing so well with posting at least something daily…. oh well, I’m  sure you all survived just fine.

I was actually super busy yesterday, I really thought staying at home would be more dull but I have an endless list of things to do that I think I have less free time now then I used to.  Like right now, I have 7 other things I could do but I want to sit and write (so I am ;).  Anyway, the last 2 weeks has flown by.  I’m going to go back and add a post behind the pictures so if you want to look back at them later today there should be words with them all.


Yesterday I worked out etc but my major battle of the day was the dishwasher.  I had come to the conclusion that it was just broken since the top rack was nowhere near clean.  Actually glasses were MORE dirty because I put in glasses I only drank water out of and they finished the wash cycle looking like I drank an oatmeal milkshake (ew gross, I know).  Before we went and spent money on the thing I decided what harm could there be in taking it apart to see if there was something stuck in there.  Boy of boy it was gross.  I told myself that all the gack was probably sterile since the dishwasher gets very hot but wow there was a lot of gunk.  I unscrewed every screw and pulled out just about everything in the dishwasher.  I am very glad of my informal education on injection plastic and part design because I could tell what parts were designed to come apart and what ones were heat welded together.  I pried open everything and if you are doing this yourself anything with a tab on the seam is openable (designing and manufacturing a tab on a part is expensive so it must have a purpose!) and I washed it all.  There was a disgusting amount of residue but I think I got it all.  I put it all back together and I am almost giddy waiting for enough glasses to fill the rack so I can test it!  I thought about posting a picture of that yesterday because thats what I did for about 4 hours (off and on) but I decided to just let you make your own mental image.  On the bright side, we have had the dishwasher for about 4 years and it took that long to build up enough plaque that I noticed so I don’t think I’ll have to do it again but the moral of the story is dishwashers apparently need cleaning… who knew?


I am also in the middle of halloween costume construction.  So far I have Zoe’s mermaid skirt done and Niamh’s Firestar leotard and tights died yellow.  I still need to sew Zoe’s top and construct Niamh’s fire gloves and boots.  I’m documenting my process so there might be a how-to in the future.  My deadline is this weekend because there is a costume event on Saturday.


So far so good with the stay at home mom business.  I’m busy, happy, the house is only a disaster 50% of the time but I’m getting more and more organized so cleaning it up is getting faster, plus, I’m getting Niamh and Zoe to help more.  I’m working out loosing weight and life would be perfect if I could get more then 4 hours of sleep at a time but hey, can’t have everything…


Go look at my older posts for more wordie words.

Last day on the farm

We are very sad to see our Tuesday farm finish for the season…  It was a great CSA, good variety and never an overwhelming amount of any one thing.  We picked lots of berries and cooked lots of new dishes because of produce we would never had bought like musaka – an awesome eggplant dish. I plan on doing some beginning of farm/end of farm pictures because Fiona grow like the produce.  She was just a tiny baby when we started and now she can almost sit up.  She was ‘chewing’ that pumpkin in her lap and is always open to explore now.  I finally convinced Niamh that should could wear pants so after almost a sold year of dresses only I am very glad to see that phase end.  Nothing against dresses but we already have an entire wardrobe of hand me downs for her and she wore almost nothing from size 3.  This farm has a really nice vibe, it is calm and just the right amount of organized.  We had 20 good weeks and I can’t wait for spring to get into that strawberry patch again.