Archive | October 13, 2012

Fire truck!

Zoe LOVES firetrucks right now (has for a few months).  She actually loves them so much and there were not enough of them out and about that she renamed buses ‘fire buses’.  We watch this youtube video basically daily.  You get the picture… so when I heard our local fire department was having an open house I got us all up and out to see it.  We arrived for the jaws of life demo and we stayed for the car fire and car-fire-putting-out demo, all in all about 90 minutes.  It was misty out so I didn’t bring the good camera so I only took a few iPhone shots.  We climbed all over 4 different types of trucks and had a pretty good time.  Zoe was terrified of the car fire and that didn’t end the day well but I think she will remember it fondly.

BTW.  our fire house is very disappointing in that they don’t have a pole, and, their fire trucks are all yellow!