Archive | October 12, 2012

Zoe’s nail art

Most patient 2 year old in the world.


Zoe is my extra girlie girl who loves to have her nails done.  She will do almost anything if I say I’ll do her nails.  This is one of the best bribes incentives for her to get ready for bed quickly.  Niamh on the other hand does not have her nails done often because she is a slow girl getting ready.  (Fiona always has her toes done because  I like to do them)  Anyway, this round of nail polish is supposed to be pumpkins.  It is a base of green, a dot of orange polish and then a fine tip sharpie for the faces.

Since I’m adding this background 5 days later, the polish is long gone, but that just clears the canvas for next time.

Egg crate bats

You didn’t think I forgot E week did you?



E week was a bit under reported here but we did plenty of E things.  We ate eclairs (fyi, walmart eclairs are totally skippable).  We had Eggs; boiled, fried, scrambled and poached for dinner one night with a side of  edamame.  We sited Enter and Exit in every store and we talked about electricity.


This particular project turned out nicely.  It was pretty easy to cut out a row of 3 egg ‘cubbies’ (what are those things called?) and then let the kids paint away.  Zoe got two bumps done and Niamh did a whole bat plus part of another.  Once the paint is dry, paint small white dots for eyes on the center bump and then when they are dry make black pupils in the center and hang a string from the middle and hang them up.  Don’t worry if they don’t hang level, it just adds to the look.


I hung ours on our kitchen ceiling.  Now that I think of it the under side needed painting too but I still like them.