Archive | October 11, 2012

Time to start sewing for Halloween.

Can anyone guess who based on the fabric?



A mermaid! A mermaid costume should be relatively easy and could be no-sew if you just want to wear a bikini top with the tail skirt.  She isn’t going to be Ariel exactly to avoid red wig issues but I think the look will easily suggest The Little Mermaid…

Here is my sketch

My plan is to use the tule to make a very fluffy skirt and then I’ll tie it at the knee/shin level so it flairs out mermaid style.  The top will be from the purple fabric and that jeweled thing in the picture is for a headband (the fabric warehouse had a bin of elastic with plastic jewels sewn on).


Since she is 2 and we are going to one or two halloween events so a tail might not be the best for playing inI’m making an under costume too for when she gets ‘legs’.  The tail skirt will just be tied on with a bow and when she takes it off she will have a little skirt and flesh toned leggings.  Hopefully the look works both ways and we make it to halloween with the tail intact.