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Hospital visit

Since I can’t visit my grandmother I visited our friends little girl. Hope she feels better soon!


Update a week later – she feels much better and is home.  My grandmother too!

Today’s lunch face

Salami, cheese, beans and grapes

How to upcycle a diaper box with inserts

Here is my part II from this project from Oct 1

I followed the directions from this website for the box

I followed these directions for the liner (more or less)

But there were ‘leftovers’ that I had to take care of…..  the flaps you cut off the box.  If they are in good shape, they are the perfect length for internal dividers.  I decided to put my two long flaps into the bottom to help keep my liner neat, but, I could change my mind in the future and use them for dividers the long way.  Right now I have Fiona diapers, Zoe diapers and stuffers so I need 3 sections in my box and the short flaps are perfect for that.

I hardly have to put pictures because if your are crafty enough to make the box and liner you are more than capable of making the dividers but here is my how-to

Starting with these flaps, find some extra fabric – I used the same as my lining.


Cut fabric with short side seam allowance (you want it snug) but with extra length on the long side.  I cut mine so I had a salvage edge for the opening so I didn’t have to finish the last edge.

sew the pocket leaving one end open pillow case style, turn right side out, insert cardboard ….


This is the only ‘trick’ I used, I fold in the extra length like I do on a pillow so no cardboard shows, it also puts a tiny bit of extra fabric on the end so they stay snug in the box.

Repeat for all the flaps and insert them to suit your needs.  I think this would work well for toys or movies… but then again I have dividers in my underwear drawer so I like dividers a lot.

Hope this works for you too.