Archive | October 2, 2012

Vote No

There has been big discussion about the ‘vote no’ amendment coming up for vote in november and I would like to throw in my two cents.

For those out of state, the vote no campaign is to vote down the proposed ban on gay marriage.  Please note, if this measure passes it means that people of the same gender can’t get married.  BUT, voting it down does not make it legal to get married.  Kinda an odd situation but that’s what it is in 50 words or less.

My opinion;  I’m voting No because I don’t believe in restrictions in a constitution no matter what they are UNLESS they protect a greater right, like, I’m for murder being against the law even if that deprives murders the right to kill but it protects the greater good by protecting their right to live.  That is an extreme case but it shows the point that it is dumb to make a law restricting something that does not protect something.

This law is trying to say that a group of people can’t get married but nobody gains anything by that protection.  straight people can still get married whiter this law happens or not, it seriously does not yield any gain.


As for gay marriage, I don’t really care.  I think that marriage in general is a good thing but I don’t really want to know the intimate details of anyone’s marriage.  My point on all this is that I would vote NO on ANYTHING that is strictly prohibitive with no gain.