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Weekly words


For any that could not tell by the pictures, we are safely in NY.  We ventured through WI on the first night and had a horrid hotel stay in Illinois.  I don’t blame IL per say… but, the woman at the check in desk took SO LONG making change in cash that the kids all woke up and were UP from midnight to 2 am with a variety of silly in retrospect (very annoying at the time) antics.  We vowed after that night that we would not stop again and actually had a great driving day through Indiana and Ohio and into PA with projections of arriving at 3am we thought we could make it….  PA route 80 was not cooperating.  We spent 2 hours standing still and creeping forward occasionally and the only reason we moved at all was because people were bailing out onto the first exit possible.  We followed suit and found a strangely nice hotel near state college in PA.  This time we moved all necessities into the room without touching children and moved them in fast and last and they all stayed asleep.  It ended up working out nicely that we hit Hoboken at around lunch so we could tour Lars’s old school and got awesome pizza.  We technically did not break into his frat house since as a brother he is always allowed in but we did enter in a nontraditional manner….  The 3 brothers at home (at noon on a Monday) were surprised to hear children’s voices in the house and emerged after a few minutes, thankfully wearing pants, to see what was up.  We timed things nicely that we got though the city with no trouble and arrived in Sayville just after naps.


The next day was a decompression day and since then we have spent a lot of time seeing friends, swimming, playing in the sand and generally hanging out.  We got to go to Josie’s baby shower and help her move into her apartment and meet her boyfriend and it is so nice to just be part of regular life.  We are settling into a routine just in time to take our mid vacation – vacation to Knoxville to a friends wedding.  Our timing is odd because we originally thought we would drive so we planned on leaving on Thursday but then we regained our sanity  and got airplane tickets but still for Thursday so we have an extra day in Knoxville that is completely unplanned.  Any suggestions for what to do?  We  have transportation and hotel but nothing to do in-between.  I’ve never been to TN at all so its one more state on my list but I want to make it count.  Friday and Saturday are all wedding festivities but Thursday is open to suggestions.


I’ll be back from the wedding in TN for another week in NY and then driving back with my Mom (Lars back already)  so we will see how that goes and then we have another wedding on September 15th and then after that official stay at home mom life since I resigned my position officially.  That drama needs its own post and I’ll not have it infect my nice vacation time.


(PS. For those who have been following the picture only posts, I went back and edited them with a tad more description so if you want to go back and read there is new content.)

Baby friends

1 month apart!
This is one of my Highschool friends and her new baby.  Her first baby is 6 months younger then Niamh and they had a fantastic time playing together today.  I would actually say it averaged to fantastic since there were some low moments where they were mean and nasty to each other and others where they shared cookies while they watched She-Ra.  All in all it was nice to see them disappear and be content to play with very little parent supervision.  The picture is taken by Miss Math who remarked that we dressed our babies match our shirts and I don’t know about my friend but i did actually think about that before she mentioned it.


Baby shower

Fiona had so much fun she fell asleep and the only flat spot not covered by baby shower people was the bar so on the bar she went. Lets hope this is the only and only time she sleeps on a bar in her life.

Ps.  yes, my sisters baby shower was in a bar but it was a really nice bar with excellent Ziti


Practice baby

8m pregnant sister using Fi to learn how to multitask.

By way of explanation of the naked baby…. it is very hot here and my parents don’t have AC.  I grew up here so I’m mostly used to it but I also remember spending many afternoons parked in front of a fan to prevent myself from melting.  Fi does like it hot but she does not like it humid.