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Business as usual

You would think that the day I only have one child I would be more free to write, but, yesterday was a ‘full’ day for us.  We went to our first book club meeting and I think it went well.  We discussed the book as well as a bunch of other books and things in general.  I don’t think there is such thing as a serious book club where only the book is discussed – those types of ‘book clubs’ are probably called masters in english classes…  It was nice to get together with just a few people, far less overwhelming then the massive meeting I went to last time and the daunting monthly meeting set for Thursday but slowly I’ll learn who everyone is.  I really like having local friends, it has only taken me 9 years to get to a place where I want local friends. Before now I had NY friends that I talked to all the time and basically used the majority of my free time talking to Miss Math or my family.  On the weekends we hung out with one local family if we were feeling social and otherwise the segregate family here and SCA was 100% of of the people we interacted with.  I had no desire to be friends outside work with work people and no other time to even meet others so now that I have time I am realizing the hole that can’t quite be filled by phone/1 friend/familyish people and I’m glad to be working on a solution.

We also went to the Dr and Fiona is doing great.  She is eating and developing and doing very well.  The shots did not really make her frantic at the time but she did have a fairly dramatic scream for the second and third shot.  We hung out to make sure she didn’t have a bad reaction and she calmed right down once a boob was in her face.  Liberal tynalol for the next 8 hours made her life happier – the picture from yesterday was 10min before her second dose and the screaming was probably a combo of being tired in general and a bit sore.  Today she is more sleepy then normal but fine otherwise.

Today’s adventure was to the vet and we made it in and out without much stress.  Zoe is in a mood these past few days, I think she has a minor cold, but there is more needyness then normal.  I’m getting used to it at least and it really isn’t all that big a deal once you realize that screaming is just going to happen.  Her current obsession is business cards; she found my business card wallet that had a bunch of my cards and a collection of ones I’ve gotten on trips and it keeps her very busy to put them in and out of the case.  We collected a new one today at the vet and to her it was the greatest gift.  I think we may make it her thing to get cards when we are out and about.  My sister remembered that Niamh had a similar obsession with coupons at the same age so if history proves true giving her a card will make her day for at least the next 6 months.

Fiona is doing well with the babywise method.  I don’t know why I need to be constantly reminded that babies get angry when they are tired and the only solution is to let them sleep.  Fi has consistently given sleepy cues after being awake for an hour or maybe two and if she is put in her bed she is either asleep in a min, or, cries for about 7 and is then asleep.  This is SO much better than the bouncing rocking praying method I had let myself get back into.  I still rock her a bit on the way to bed and hold her tons but I put her nap and she naps and it is very very nice to know she will sleep for an hour or maybe two.  Her final bedtime is working out to be 8pm and that works for all involved and for the moment that means child free time from 8pm to about midnight.

Thats all I have time for today – I’m on the hunt for a smile picture for us

We do not like our shots

But at least the bandaids match my outfit

Ps. At 7 weeks 2days;
11lb 5oz
23.8″ (100th percentile!)