Friday stuff

I was at the exact same medical building two times today, once for Zoe and once for my regular Friday

Zoe is disgustingly normal for 2 – basically 50% across the board. She is 26lb and 32 inches (with a soggy diaper that I didn’t know about until after the weight). The Dr was happy with all her development in general – lots of word, lots of coordination. She can basically dress herself except for socks and undress her self – especially socks (I think she dislikes them). She has empathy, for example, she is sorry after she bites me … really, she will comfort anyone who is sad and will remember cuts and scrapes for ages and ask you about them. She was very good at the dr and I think the novelty of going somewhere without Niamh with both mommy and daddy made the trip fun. Since she got a shot we had to hang out for 15 min so we visited the maternity section of the hospital and strolled around. There was one new baby on display and a brand new dad just staring at him (or her?). He looked so sweet standing there all alone looking at his baby sleeping – I’ve never seen that before in real life.

I went to work for a whole hour between dr apt’s and got a ton of e-mails written but they all were replied to with ‘out of office’ message because there were only about 20 people left in the building. Off to my apt at 10:30 where I am also very healthy. Exactly the same weight as with Zoe, great BP, no swelling, measuring right, and 1cm dilated. Baby needs to stay put for another week so my mom can be here, and, I get my good month/year ratios for all 3 kids. (04/08, 05/10, 06/12). I personally am fine with her staying put all the way to her due date on the 11th but just getting past June 1 is all I really want (ok, June 3rd so Mom will be here)

After the appointment I got my evening primrose birth prep stuff, I’ll start taking that mid week maybe. Then home since nobody was at work and now I’m doing e-mail (netting more out of office then replies) and plan on making headway on some of the projects and then maybe swimming tonight. Zoo tomorrow – at a leisurely pace – and hopefully a good productive weekend all around.

Happy memorial day all!


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2 responses to “Friday stuff”

  1. msmouse7 says :

    I love your month/year ratios for the kids. Totally get it and hoping baby stays put until after it becomes June. Would hate for babycakes to start out on the wrong foot. Enjoy the long weekend and take it easy


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I hope that by acknowledging the coolness of the date ratio I’m not jinxing myself – on the other hand, I don’t really believe saying something will make it come/not come true or I would have won the lotto by now.


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