Archive | May 21, 2012

weekend review

Busy weekend…. Most of my mental ‘will do after x’ postponements were based on this weekend –

I officially walked in graduation for my MBA at the University of St Thomas. My parents were celebrating my sister’s graduation from Stonybrook undergrad so it was a milestone weekend for them when they saw 3/3 kids past the higher education mark. The dean was actually decent in his speeches but he was odd about specifically recognizing that we should thank our parents for getting us through our MBA. I’m not saying my parents didn’t morally support me, but, I’m an adult living, paying, and working on my own on the degree. I think he got his grad and undergrad speeches mixed up because I thoroughly agree that parents are a major force in their child getting an undergrad degree; providing money, a place to live during breaks, phone support when things get hard in classes and even editing on papers etc. I think the majority of undergrads need their parents, and the converse for MBA’s. I think my husband and kids endured more with me in school then my parents did. Anyway, the ceremony was nice, the keynote was good, it was all relatively well done. The ‘hooding’ (where they put the masters hood onto you) was comical because they had two rather short people doing it and even I had to duck so they could reach my head – and there were people there who were at least 6’10” and some even taller… it was fun. The worst thing about it all was timing, it was right over any dinner hour (6:30-9ish) so I’m glad I brought a granola! The best was the physically location and set up. The lighting was so awesome you would have thought we were outside on a perfect sunny day.

The birthday celebration brunch for Zoe went very well too. It was very small but that was perfect because we got to enjoy the brunch too and talk to everyone and I’m sure Zoe felt like it was a ton of people. The kids played, the adults chatted, and everyone either left, took a nap, or got to play a new game (diablo III) at 1. After naps we went to Shoreview community center and played in the pool and Niamh went on the HUGE waterslide about 30 times. The first time she went up I waited at the bottom and was expecting to have to comfort a frantic screaming crying scared girl but the first word out of her mouth was that she wanted to do it again! Lars went up with her (following her down, not riding down with her) 4 times and then he hit his limit and then we just got a thumbs up from the lifeguard at the top when it was her turn so we could catch her. She wanted to do nothing more than slide. We all left happy and we are now official members for the year so there will be lots of trips to the pool and playground.

Those two things were my last ‘big’ plans before the baby. Not to say there are not a ton of things to do and a few fun things planned but nothing huge. Actually, making the guest room a room again is a big thing to do but once mom is here I’ll have more help for all the baby prep stuff so it’s a load off my mind.

Work this week is on the hectic side and it didn’t start well – we found out that our security guard, the one who has been with us since day 1 of the building, died over the weekend. He was not really old, he did seem to be sick kinda but just in a shaky hands sort of way, but he left last week saying he was going home to die and he did…. I only talked to him a time or two a day, sometimes just a goodmorning and goodnight, but he was always the steady presence at the front desk. He welcomed 2 babies of mine on visits to the office and handled countless other family occasions with flair so even Lars will miss him a little bit. I never asked about his health because he was the sort of guy that just didn’t talk about that sort of thing and I never wanted to hurt his pride. I guess you never know when goodbye is the last one. I will go to this funeral if at all possible and I hope that since he ‘knew’ he spent his last days doing everything he wanted.

I can’t end with such a sad thing, so, one last funny thing from the weekend. Niamh wanted to wear her Cinderella dress to Zoe’s party and why not, its in our house with our friends so she put it on. She choose to stay with me to clean rather than run errands with Lars and Zoe (Zoe got no such option) and when I really did put her to work she declared she had to change out of her Cinderella dress to clean and into her Snow White dress…. Ironic…. She did well helping and when she didn’t help she kept out of the way for the most part but at one point she said she needed to exercise and so she needed to change into her Rapunzel dress, If you’re counting, that is outfit #3 in two hours – fortunately she can do these changes solo and she spent the rest of the party as Rapunzel. I still think it’s great that given Cinderella’s story she could not wear that costume to clean…