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day after mothers day

Happy Day after Mothers day!


I’m very happy to report that we had a great weekend with perfect weather and a minimum of stress and strain.  Sometimes they all (Lars included!) are a bit of a handful but I made an effort this weekend to be the kind patient mom I want to be and hope it rubbed off on everyone else.  Lars was great and did most of the ‘heavy lifting’ so he got both morning wake ups and cooked me breakfast (that Zoe ate half of…).


We didn’t have any firm or fancy plans, we basically focused on stuff around the house that needed doing but with flowers and presents.  You can see in this picture that Niamh and Zoe made me ‘breakfast in bed’ thankfully all was play food but I dutifully pretended to eat a carrot and leak taco, milk, tea, and icecream.  The gift from Niamh is a very sweet plate with her handprint and her name as written by her, she has a very distinct way of writing her name that I’m sure will change so I’m glad to have a permanent reminder. Zoe also made a gift at school but she won’t give it to me, she says its hers for her birthday.

The garden project is 90% finished.  We still need compost and tried to get it yesterday but the 24/7 open community site we used in the past is closed now and it is at a place that is only open 8-4 on weekdays.  Otherwise the dirt is in and an extra box is built since we had a lot of extra dirt Lars made another bed on a lower terrace.  (pictures in the camera).  That step stalls the actual planting step but we did get flowers for the front yard and they are all installed and will hopefully grow nicely for the summer.  I remember 2 years ago starting mother’s day with the same plan and miss Math laughing at my desire to garden a week before my due date and she was right, the flowers did not get planted until after Zoe was born J.  This year though we did it!  Niamh kinda helped and Zoe sat in a wagon and quietly stole tools from me and sat on them… but hey, she was very self-amusing and really all weekend both girls got a ton of outside time and can occupy themselves for ages out there.  Niamh kept herself busy making a ‘trap’ for a large (rubber) rat that never got put away from Halloween – he is currently under some tomato cages but he was trapped lots of places over the weekend.


We had a quick visit to Jeremy’s where they all had fun in the hammock.  I need to find a spot for ours but we just don’t have big trees.  I’m actually happy we don’t have that many trees in general but J&A’s yard is the perfect spot on a sunny day.


We webcammed with my mom went out for icecream and texted my friends and had a mellow nice day.


This week is another busy one.  Today I’m speaking at a girlscout meeting on international citizenship and on the way home I need to get balloons for Zoe for tomorrow.  I think I’ll tie them to her bed for a surprise in the morning.  I also need to bake some cupcakes for her real birthday tomorrow and wrap lots of presents and make a crown for school.  We also need to get ready for her party this weekend, it will be fairly small with just a few people but it should be fun.  In a tiny way it is also my graduation party because Saturday night I officially walk in the MBA ceremony.  We have a sitter but we can’t decide if Niamh should come with us or stay home.  I would like her to see her mom get an ‘award’ in a way since she does remember me going to school but on the other hand it’s a 2 hour stretch where she basically needs to sit.  I’ll decide sometime before Saturday night I suppose.  Other than Zoe day we need to finish the garden up and then tackle the guest room so my mom has someplace to sleep and then all that baby stuff but I plan on getting mom help on that so it can wait a little longer.  I’m starting to get the raised eyebrows at work questioning when this baby is due since I’m huge, and I can tell they are calculating how fast they could run if I went into labor, but, I’m actually fine with the time I have left.  Other than my belly doing a distinct impression of a cat in a pillowcase, its not that big a deal right now. The next 3 weeks are going to be enjoyed fully and then when she is born time will be enjoyed in a whole different way….


I hope all you had good mothers day weekends too~