Archive | May 8, 2012

Look and find

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Can you find me in this picture? I promise I’m there and you can see me, but just a tiny bit of my face is showing because we were playing ‘house’ and I was the baby and they put me to bed. I’ve played this lots of time when Niamh was little and it was interesting to hear how being put to bed sounded to her because of what she would say to me. Anyway, I read this article that reminded me of the game and it was a great game for both girls. Niamh narrates the whole time and is on the bossy side and Zoe piled every item from both beds on top of me. I had to keep an eye out from flying books because according to Zoe a good bed is full of as many books as possible. I spent at least 20 min being the baby in bed and it was a nice way to spend the morning. (I did get a bit hot after a while…)

Niamh is getting into the pretend play phase and will ‘act out’ all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes its sad to hear the things she is afraid of because she tells her dolls to not be afraid of it. Most of the time its funny to hear the repetition of things I say like ‘you need to wear underwear’. Sometimes I think I’m hearing what her teachers say because I hear plenty of ‘nobody wants to see your undies’ or ‘ nobody wants to see you pee’. It takes a village to reinforce good potty manners and what more noble cause is there – I have hope someday to be able to say I’m going to the bathroom and have an honest expecgtation of privacy. Anyway, the thing I’m working on right now is always saying ‘yes’ in her pretend scenarios and letting her lead. I’m also modeling the try anything behavior that I hope she will take up for things like going places or trying foods. I hate to be the one to tell Lars how to play but getting him hooked on the ‘no yuck’ program was worth it. Who knows if its working… On the other hand, I’m still trying to keep the ‘individual differences are ok’ going so as a rule I don’t like spicy and I’m not going to pretend to and I think Niamh likes knowing that truth/boundary of play. The other night she came up with presents for us and I got the not spicy ones and Lars got the spicy ones. Acknowledging and accepting differences is important but I just don’t want her refusing to try new things and that is way too often the case in real life.

Here is a close up of the same picture from above – Niamh took both so not too bad for a 4 year old. I liked at least half the activities on the list I linked, anyone else have other good keep them busy games? I think I’ll have a lot of sit and feed the baby time in my future….