Bridesmaid dress

I e-mailed the wedding mill and they sent me the link.


this is the dress;

Pic from The Wedding Shoppe site – imagine this in brown

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2 responses to “Bridesmaid dress”

  1. Kacy says :

    I'm afaid I must point out there is no such place as York Cathedral. It is called York Minster (check your link!). It is a Cathedral but not called a Cathedral. There are not many Minsters about. Beverley in North Yorks has one and I don't think it is a Cathedral. Rotherham Parish Church has recently been promoted (?) to Minster status. It is definitely not a Cathedral.I appreciate you will not be paacrtulrily interested in this but there are standards to be maintained. And don't let me put you off the main point of your post!


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