Archive | May 1, 2012

grumble grumble RENTERS! grumble

I have no idea if it is renters in general, the Midwest, or just me but I am not having luck getting someone to actually stick to a decision and sign a lease.

Everyone loves the place, it is a very nice place*.

Yesterday the 4th person who put down a ‘deposit’ ($50 whole dollars) bailed out at the very last minute. She at least has a semi nice reason, she got proposed to and is moving in with her guy. Ironically she was looking at townhouses because she was not ready to move in with him and his many animals and bachelor pad. Oh well, Lars says to tell her we will be here for her when she is divorced…

The nice older man who was first in this string I don’t blame really because he had a closing date on his house and the buyers bailed on him. Trickle down, he bailed on us.

The woman with 2 kids is actually the worst, she flip flopped about taking it and not taking it and taking it again and then not. SPINELESS. Seriously, I actually pity her because she is a doormat.

The second worst I think is the guy who had a ‘shady’ background check. We technically turned him down in order to give it to spineless wonder (in one of her I’ll take it moods) and he was so mean about the whole thing that I’m glad he isn’t our problem for a year. He claimed to have a check in the mail for the first month and somehow something “already in the mail” has never arrived.

I know managing rental property will always involve a string of strangers of questionable quality, but, this is getting ridiculous. This list is just the people who we ran background checks on because we had a lease signing date – I’m not even mentioning the others who have seen the place but were just looking or not actually ready to move.

On the bright side, I have other interested people who hopefully are still interested but I was supposed to have it done this afternoon, not be reposting it this morning….

By the time I get this one rented the other one will be open again. Lars keeps telling me it’s a good investment and it is, but, I can’t help but feel like this is a bit more tedious for me than him.

So what is it? Me? Should we be asking for more of a deposit?

*I have over 700 views on this site for the house….