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Wordless Wed – I am 2

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Tuesday already

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Happy Tuesday (that feels like Monday)! I know I’m far too routine based when a Monday off makes me both happy, and, equally annoyed at the disruption. I’m of two minds about going to the WI office this week and next because I don’t want to accidently have a baby in WI. #3 was the super fast one for my sister and while I’m still 50% slower with the birthing, #3 for her took about 30 min so that would not give me enough time to get across the border. I am in that ambiguous time of not knowing when anything will happen but we are closer to being ready at least and it is now taking center stage of my mind.

Babies r us had a good diaper sale – $20 off any purchase of 2 boxes – so now we have a box of 98 Newborn diapers and a box of 88 size 1’s. We already had a box of size 1-2 from Costco because they also had a sale (not as good) so between that and the cloth I think we are pretty set on need #2 for baby (#1 is food and I think that will be ok since I make it and I have good indicators that its ready to go). Need #3 is a place to sleep and we have not gotten that far but the room is getting more clear so soon there should be space.

I have to admit… I’ve been tempted into 3 vices that are preventing me from focusing on my house work.

#1 a video game – Diablo II – its new and its fun and its fun to play with Lars so it is eating up my extra time. Diablo II was one of the first games we played together so its not just fun, its ‘a thing’ for us.

#2 I broke down and downloaded the new Charline Harris book and so it calls to me…. Read, don’t work…. Read….

#3 Mad Men – we are in season 3 and we can’t just watch 1 episode. It is much better now than in the beginning – somewhat predictable but really very well done. I highly recommend it. Compounded with the fact that I don’t want to even sit up by the end of the day, a good TV show is far more alluring then cleaning my room (or other rooms)

#4 Fun stuff with a family of 4 – this isn’t a vice, I’ve said tons of times I would rather have a happy family then a tidy house. It is far more fun to do things together so we all go shopping and we all go to the park. Occasionally we split up but it is just better to do it as a team right now. The only real solo time I had all weekend was when Lars took them on a bike ride because he skipped his workout on Friday due to traffic so hauling 50lb of kid a few miles was his workout. During that time I did make major headway on the guest room but the call of my book was powerful (although I resisted!). Honestly, if anyone would understand something not getting done due to a book it would be my mother – that habit is in my genetic code.

Otherwise Memorial day weekend was fine. We finished planting the garden, we went swimming, we went to the park 2x, we did a little shopping and plenty of small things around the house. I looked up the origin of Memorial day and it is officially for people who have died in war. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone in that category. All my military connections are either very alive, or, died long after service. Lars was wondering (and so was I) if there is a day to just honor people who die. I know there are in other cultures, but, do we have an American version of dia de muerta or the Chinese grave-day? If not, I think we are going to start doing one of the two, just enough people now that have moved on that it would be nice to have a day for them. It feels odd that a day that is to honor soldiers killed in action is used as a massive BBQ and summer kick off. I’m all for celebrating life but this holiday feels lost in translation. Maybe its just me?

Back to real life, or, life in a messed up week where I can’t remember the day  Tomorrow I’ll do WI and that will be the last I think. Need to get sleeping space for Mom and new baby achieved and a ton of other small things but I’m hopeful I still have a week or two for that. Hope all of you had good long weekends too~

Happy Memorial day

I’m glad to not be celebrating a soldier in specific …

Happy Summer

Friday stuff

I was at the exact same medical building two times today, once for Zoe and once for my regular Friday

Zoe is disgustingly normal for 2 – basically 50% across the board. She is 26lb and 32 inches (with a soggy diaper that I didn’t know about until after the weight). The Dr was happy with all her development in general – lots of word, lots of coordination. She can basically dress herself except for socks and undress her self – especially socks (I think she dislikes them). She has empathy, for example, she is sorry after she bites me … really, she will comfort anyone who is sad and will remember cuts and scrapes for ages and ask you about them. She was very good at the dr and I think the novelty of going somewhere without Niamh with both mommy and daddy made the trip fun. Since she got a shot we had to hang out for 15 min so we visited the maternity section of the hospital and strolled around. There was one new baby on display and a brand new dad just staring at him (or her?). He looked so sweet standing there all alone looking at his baby sleeping – I’ve never seen that before in real life.

I went to work for a whole hour between dr apt’s and got a ton of e-mails written but they all were replied to with ‘out of office’ message because there were only about 20 people left in the building. Off to my apt at 10:30 where I am also very healthy. Exactly the same weight as with Zoe, great BP, no swelling, measuring right, and 1cm dilated. Baby needs to stay put for another week so my mom can be here, and, I get my good month/year ratios for all 3 kids. (04/08, 05/10, 06/12). I personally am fine with her staying put all the way to her due date on the 11th but just getting past June 1 is all I really want (ok, June 3rd so Mom will be here)

After the appointment I got my evening primrose birth prep stuff, I’ll start taking that mid week maybe. Then home since nobody was at work and now I’m doing e-mail (netting more out of office then replies) and plan on making headway on some of the projects and then maybe swimming tonight. Zoo tomorrow – at a leisurely pace – and hopefully a good productive weekend all around.

Happy memorial day all!

Does fiction need to be truth at all?

I’m all for suspension of disbelief for books and movies – Like can buy super hero’s powers or magic or other world stuff no problem, I’m even cool with the various forms of vampires from glittery ones to ones that can do daylight with the aid of magically rings to the more ‘normal’ ones that have to avoid daylight at all costs. Conversely, I tend to believe what I read in books pertaining to random background details. I’ve learned plenty about a ton of incidental trivia type things from books that I think that is one of the perks of reading. Story plus possibly useful info = double win. I don’t count on city descriptions or anything being Google map accurate, but, I do feel that a writer describing Arizona lets me feel a bit like I’m there. I feel like a story set in a beauty shop or a ranch should be accurate enough that if I was ever stuck in that position I would know where to start at least. It’s a fine line between things I trust about a book and things I know are fiction but I put faith in authors to be honest where reasonably possible.

today’s post on Stirrup Queen has a mini rant on something I completely agree with her on – the tragic misinformation about fertility and pregnancy etc in books/movies. I understand plot devices but what about the people who don’t know better and learn from this book? People like me that believe things they read when there is no reasonable reason why it should be fiction? After taking forever to get Niamh going, including many ‘what’s going on in there’ procedures, people getting pregnant super super easily is just a bit on the annoying side. Does it happen? Sure, plenty of people I know have pregnancies/babies (that they love dearly) that were not planned BUT I seriously doubt that number of “I only did it one and now I’m pregnant” is as high as tv/books would imply. I guess if authors just stayed on the better safe than sorry side of things that would be ok, but, the other side exists too where people (in books) basically just avoid one day on the calendar and are fine – that is more harmful then implying your fertile every day of your life! There is science behind this stuff, interesting science even, what is the harm in being right and informative in a book?

This is an odd topic for the day, but, other than saying basically what I said yesterday I’ve got nothing new….

So should I start distrusting the details in books? Is my alleged knowledge of cattle farms false? I guess if I’m reading fiction should I just assume its all fiction….