the food list – are you a picky eater?

One of the popular blogs I read had a list of foods that you ‘had to try before you die’ that she had seen various places. I think she has better connections because I had not seen the list but it’s an odd list and lots of her commenters from other countries say it’s a very American centric list. The 2 posts of her after this talk about her picky eating habits and how she is 100% fine with being picky, and, a post on food for fuel or food for art. I read all three in a row in backwards order (feed reader) and I know lots of people out there think I’m a picky eater but I would like to say that I’m only a level 3 picky eater. I basically don’t eat foods that hurt me in some way, and, I don’t like to eat to the point that a food will hurt me. Call me picky but I’ve never seen someone HAPPY about the aftermath of jalapeno poppers. I’ve also got a touch of the lactose intolerance and an odd fat intolerance (semi linked I think) so high milk/high fat foods hurt me therefore I don’t eat much of them. So, to sum it up, I don’t eat spicy food and I don’t really eat uncooked cheese, or, anything in a cheese sauce. I also steer clear of most soups and sauces since they basically fall into the fatty and/or spicy categories. My food apathy makes me look more picky then I am, if I don’t feel like eating something it just makes me sick to think of eating it so sometimes I just can’t handle something I normally would not care about. I also will go for the known rather then the unknown… Over the past 10 years I’ve learned though that trying to get people to take things off a meal is almost impossible and sometimes the combo they have is really good even if it sounds gross. I tried the Cuban once based on this theory that they must know what they are doing with the combo of pork and pickles and mustard and it is now one of my favorite meals. See, not that fussy!

Friends joke that they should go on the Kate diet because I do stay pretty thin but it’s not about what I eat but more about how much I eat. I am not overly interested in food as a sport or entertainment, I eat to consume the correct number of calories because at about a ‘normal’ calorie level I feel full. Even if those calories are Cadbury cream eggs…. I do make sure that I try and cram good food into my allotment of stomach space per day. I used to be able to go for ages not getting hungry but for the past 5 years I’ve been pregnant or breast feeding so I’ve gotten to a more ‘feed me Seamore’ method now where I require calories at regular intervals and if I go too long I feel sick and mad and the solution is to eat a yogurt or something. I can usually be counted on to have a granola bar somewhere within arms reach at all times (especially when traveling). This subject is top of my mind recently because of the baby lodged in the middle of my digestion, food has become more of the enemy then normal just because I can’t digest anything very fast and I’m getting to the reflux daily stage again.

Where I base my claim that I am not a picky eater is that if it isn’t spicy I’ll probably try it – even if it is drowning in what I suspect is butter and cheese – I usually try it. I’ve been in other countries and eaten some very odd things and here is where my general apathy toward food is good, I’ll try most things because I view them as protein or carb or sugar or veg not cricket or chicken or beans. I definitely have foods and flavors I like and look forward to but if I don’t have them I don’t mind and I’ve eaten the same thing day after day for years in certain times in my life just for the ease of it. Anyway, hopefully this isn’t the most dull thing you ever read and feel free to do the list too and link.

1. Abalone: I don’t think so but I’ve eaten many other mollusks. These seem rare according to wickapedia so I will keep a look out since I generally like this category of food

2. Absinthe: Yes – in Turkey more then once. Can’t say I’m a fan but it was not bad either. Basically a drink.

3. Alligator: yes – but it was only a little taste in new orlines

4. Baba Ghanoush: Yes – I don’t remember much about it really but I know I’ve even eaten it recently. Eggplant in most forms is something I’ll eat

5. Bagel & Lox: Yes – and I would eat this daily – perfect blend of carb and protein that is tasty as a bonus

6. Baklava: Yes – sometimes it is awesome, sometimes too dry or too sticky. It falls in the dessert category and they are almost never spicy so I’ll always try them

7. Barbeque Ribs: Yes – and most of the time I love them, occasionally they are too fatty. For a while I would crave them after a long run. FYI my kids like them too but we have a FIRM rule of no ribs on days we might have to change the diaper, it is toxic (sorry daycare).

8. Bellini: no but after looking it up it sounds like a good idea. Peach and wine sound like they work – lets try that in July.

9. Bird’s Nest Soup: no, and I’m not sure I would eat more then a bite if available unless it was the only option

10. Biscuits & Gravy: yes, but, I don’t like it – fatty, gloppy, and not even tasty the times it has been served. It feels like a very not meal to me.

11. Black Pudding: yes, even in an ethnically correct setting

12. Black Truffle: Black truffle oil? Yes. I’m assuming this is close enough?

13. Borscht: yes… for Russian class and once it was at a feast while I was Queen. Not my favorite but beets fall into the spicy category for me.

14. Calamari: yes – as often as possible

15. Carp: is this one of the fish they cram in fishsticks? I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten it indipendently

16. Caviar: yes, I like it, salty and pure protein

17. Cheese Fondue: I am absolutely horrified by the idea of cheese fondue. I don’t even think I could stand to be near it much less put it in my mouth. – this was her answer but its my feeling exactly

18. Chicken & Waffles: I don’t get how this is supposed to go together so I’ll say no but I like both components.

19. Chicken Tikka Masala: yes, Lars made some a few weeks ago. Results were questionable but ediable

20. Chile Relleno: not sure but I’ll say no based on the inclusion on the word chile

22. Churros: Yes, a few times, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an awesome one because some people adore these and I don’t see why.

23. Clam Chowder: yes but by force, I hate the smell and the sause. Ironically Niamh and Zoe love it so about once a month I can’t stand the smell of my own kids eatting

24. Cognac: Yes. I guess I’m not a drinker because I didn’t really like it and I drank it because it was mentioned so often in books I was reading.

25. Crab Cakes: yes, I’ve even made them, but I don’t really like them based on the amount of fat in them.

26. Crickets: I think I have in China

27. Currywurst: Curry is another code word for spicy

28. Dandelion Wine: no, but, my mom made a batch that I remember not working out well.

29. Dulce De Leche: Yes, but not often enough to recall what it tastes like other then what the name implies

30. Durian: No, and I could have in Malaysia but it has a very bad reputation so I didn’t go hunt it down.

31. Eel: yes, smoked it is very good

32. Eggs Benedict: Yes, breakfast foods are almost always good for me. The sauce I can take or leave but there usually isn’t too much

33. Fish Tacos: I’m a no on principal here…. I don’t really like fish sticks and I can’t believe the fish they use in a taco is of high quality.

34. Foie Gras: yes, two types in the last year, Top Chef inspired try

35. Fresh Spring Rolls: yes, although this seems very generic since the wrapper/prep is what makes it a spring roll and what’s inside can make a world of difference

36. Fried Catfish: I think yes, there were few options and I don’t like deep fry but we were in Mississippi and I figured it had protein at least

37. Fried Green Tomatoes: Yes, the best were in Ireland at Knock Abby that my aunt Clare made

38. Fried Plantain: yes but it was mixed into a Mexican dessert that mostly featured icecream

39. Frito Pie: I googled this and I’ve eaten things that look like the pictures, I suppose I didn’t know the name. As long as Lars taste tests for spicy it is a good thing to have a few bites of

40. Frogs’ Legs: yes, to say I have

41. Fugu: No, its potentially lethal so that trumps spicy and fatty – new rule, I don’t eat things that could cause instant death.

42. Funnel Cake: Yes, a nice treat. Have not had it in years because its not something I would go out of my way for, and, it has the fat component that I usually don’t want to risk at amusement parks where they are usually found.

43. Gazpacho: I don’t think its ever been an option but I would taste it.

44. Goat: yes, many parts of the goat even

45. Goat’s milk: yes, prefer cow

46. Goulash: I’ll go with yes since its very generic stuff but I would not order it on a menu.

47. Gumbo: one of those spicy things, and, without the spice I don’t think it counts

48. Haggis: I’ve eaten intestine but not Haggis but its not a common offering

49. Head Cheese: no, it might not be cheese but it is jellied fat and that is even worse

50. Heirloom Tomatoes: Yes

51. Honeycomb: Yes, great on bread, I didn’t just eat it alone

52. Hostess Fruit Pie: totally full of bad stuff but this is one of the items I ate daily for years.

53. Huevos Rancheros: No, I love the egg part but not the spicy

54. Jerk Chicken: Jerk = spicy

55. Kangaroo: unlikely except maybe in Jerky form from the Australians I see in Aug

56. Key Lime Pie: my yes is conditional – I’ve eaten lots of lime pie, but, apparently key lime from key west is not often used in bakeries because they yield less juice and taste less limey

57. Kobe Beef: no, and I’m not sure I care enough to buy a $100 piece of meat

58. Lassi: I had to look this up and I think I would try it, provided the ‘spices’ mixed in are not spicy spices.

59. Lobster: yes but I’m not a big fan, too rich and makes my stomach hurt after a few bites.

60. Mimosa: a holiday staple.

61. MoonPie: I would but I don’t think I would go out of my way to find one and I don’t believe I have ever eaten one.

62. Morel Mushrooms: I’ll go with no, until recently I was anti mushroom but it was one of the things Lars talked me into and I’m ok with

63. Nettle Tea: yes, it tastes like whatever sugar you put into it

64. Octopus: yes, in things mostly

65. Oxtail Soup: yes at an event, but I just don’t really like soup

66. Paella: Yes, I have had a seafood version and didn’t love it, I know they tried to keep it not spicy for me but it was spicy

67. Paneer: no, and it’s a fried cheese basically so I’ll probably not try it unless there is no other option

68. Pastrami on Rye: yes but rye is not my top choice

69. Pavlova: no but on looking it up I might even go find this to try it. Looks yummy

70. Phaal: spicy

71. Philly Cheese Steak: I usually go no cheese but I’ve had it with so that counts

72. Pho: Yes, Lars LOVES it but I’m just ok with it. I got him an I love Pho shirt when I was in Vietnam.

73. Pineapple & Cottage Cheese: don’t really eat cottage cheese so I would not mix it with a fruit that I have to be in the right mood to eat

74. Pistachio Ice Cream: Yes

75. Po’Boy: yes, in Louisiana even

76. Pocky: had to look it up but yes, I’ve had it at parties.

77. Polenta: Yes, only once but I like it

78. Prickly Pear: yes, on a ‘try something new’ college grocery trip

79. Rabbit Stew: yes, at an event

80. Raw Oysters: yes, at a wedding

81. Root Beer Float: yes, have to be in the mood and know my stomach balance is ok but I do like them

82. S’mores: yes although its harder to make then it looks and its easier to just eat the chocolate while roasting the marshmallow

83. Sauerkraut: Don’t really like it but its on things I’ve eaten

84. Sea Urchin: Nope

85. Shark: Yes, in Vietnam, but it was soup so who knows if it really had shark in it.

86. Snail: lots of times, they are so small the butter they swim in is even an acceptable amount to just eat one or two

87. Snake: just to say I did

88. Soft Shell Crab: nope but just because it wasn’t around. I’m not going looking for it but I would eat it

89. Som Tam: looked it up; I would say I would not like to try this because I don’t like ripe papya much less unripe and it includes chillies

90. Spaetzle: Yes, once, at a German restaurant and it was not all that awesome but neither was anything else they served.

91. Spam: no, basically on principle

92. Squirrel: no, and I hope to never have to

93. Steak Tartare: yes

94. Sweet Potato Fries: yes

95. Sweetbreads: no thanks

96. Tom Yum: looked it up, it’s a no for me, soup and spicy

97. Umeboshi: no but I would be up for trying it. I’m cool with sour and salty

98. Venison: yes (and elk, right dad!)

99. Wasabi Peas: I’ve accidently eatten wasabi hidden in sushi and would not on purpose eat a pea covered in it.

100. Zucchini Flowers: yes, they are pretty good. I thought about even making them last year when my squashes produced flowers but no squash.

So 64 of 100, I would say that makes me not picky J

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12 responses to “the food list – are you a picky eater?”

  1. becomingcliche says :

    I have a box of mini Moon Pies in my cabinet. I’ve had two this morning, and the day is still young. I highly recommend.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I’ll keep an eye out for them in the store. I’ve recently gone off swiss cake rolls so I have a void to fill


  2. pmizzi says :

    You almost certainly had cheese fondue as a kid with no particular consequences. There was a time I though it was a very fun dinner and served it. You ate it. Also your Grandmother Evelyn made Pavlova as her “special party dessert” It was good and you would probably like it. I may have made in once or twice, in which case you would have eaten it. but it was a long time ago.


  3. meala says :

    I think you would like the lassi. The spices used are generally either sweet or savory, not hot. Cardamom is the spice I see used most often when I get the chance to have a lassi.


  4. ashley fraser says :

    Ill make you lasi at the next pennsic baisly yougurt, fruit Mango is most commen, Ice and cardamum, not spicy and if you use greek yougert a good protean ratio
    Paneer is just cheese like dry cottage cheese, in some things its mixxed with spinich and not fried
    Tom Yum some is spicy some is not more citriasy and the kind with coconut milk is mild and calming
    Fish tacos can me made with any fish and steamed salmon or white fish is commen
    I wouldnt say you were picky you have never been rude about it your careful and like all of us have things you like and dont


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I do love Greek yougart and so do the kids, nothing like 15g of protein in a yummy cup. With the new baby I don’t think Pennsic is in the cards this year but I’ll take a rain check.


  5. Mel says :

    Definitely not picky in my book, but I have a pretty low bar to clear 🙂


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I have friends that make you look like a buffet ~ one guy orders a burger by saying (with hand motions) bun, burger, bun. Nothing else, nothing at all.


  6. petranellascloset says :

    Chile rellenos are a likely nightmare for you: chile stuffed with cheese and then deep fried.

    I also think this list is misleading, if you live outside of a major metro area having access to much of this doesn’t happen. It doesn’t mean you’re picky.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I think the intention of the list is like a challange list. Like the 100 books to read before you die 🙂


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