Landscape sunflowers

Landscape sunflowers, originally uploaded by katymac79.

Yesterday I ran across a new blog that is funny and I believe English/Irish based on the vocab (maybe Australian?) but her name* grabbed me and I started to read a few posts. She is starting a sunflower growing competition and since I’m doing my garden in the next few weeks I think I’m going to join. Anyone else want to join to? Do we think MN will have a better growing season then Europe? International competition! I’m waiting on an exact breed of sunflower or else I’m going to just go with a giant breed because I know at least in ND they grow this big;


Today I had a very pleasant surprise and I was given the Versatile Blogger award. This is actually my second time but it’s still such a nice thing to be recognized that I want to do the giving part of it again so I’ll think about it this week. Since I know the ropes, first things first is to thank the person who recognized me; Off Duty Mom. I found her a few weeks ago and like her style and have been a lurker. She is in an interesting reversal of where I am, she is going back to work after a long worked for baby just as I’m about to go the other way. I completely sympathize with the feeling that the getting of a baby can be so consuming that just handing it over to someone else to watch for 8 hours a day seems odd. The journey for Niamh was not easy (Zoe and #3 were easy as pie in comparison and pretty easy in general) so giving her up to daycare was double hard.

Computer still hostage…. Mac chord still lost…. So no new pictures. Yesterday ZERO progress made on floors because he didn’t come due to car trouble. Sometimes I joke I don’t see progress but there is usually something. I had hoped to take some time off on Friday to re acquaint my furniture with the rooms they belong in but who knows! I know, this is such a first world problem, but maybe you all watching might want to see an end to the wood floor tagged posts. Moving on.

*the new blog is Kate’s Creative Space and I’m just drawn to a Kate title. When I was young and my great aunt passed on bags and bags of Harlequin novels (like hundreds) to narrow the filed of where to start I would look for Kate’s as main characters. I didn’t think I was them or anything, I just liked reading about other Kate’s in the world. Looks like some habits stick.


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2 responses to “Landscape sunflowers”

  1. Kate says :

    Yay, please do join the race! Given that our weather here in Blighty (yes, I’m English…) is so rubbish, I’m fully expecting to get my butt kicked by some impressive entries ;-). Congratulations on the award by the way.. Well-deserved!


    • kateluthner79 says :

      What species does your flower packet say? I have an Aunt (and her family) in Brighton and lots of family in Dublin too and I’m not sure your weather is any worse then ours. We had frost this morning! But it will be fun to see what happens 🙂


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