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Pretty in Pink

Since we got a DVR years ago the only reason we watch a commercial is if the cat is in the way of the box.  Technically we have a few agreed exceptions;

  1. We watch new movie commercials (Lars)
  2. We watch the e-trade babies (me) because they are funny and cute

Occasionally we end up watching the first commercial of a set because we lost track of the remote but usually they go by in a blur.  I heard ages ago that marketing people are making sure that their message still gets across in triple fast forward and there is a point to that.  I do actually have to keep my eyes on the screen when I’m fast forwarding and I do think I can name 2 out of 3 of what they are selling as they zoom by.

The point of this is that it is pretty nothing catches our interest but the new T-Mobile add did it.

Their spokes women has been a ‘pretty pink dress’ girl for years and this is a picture from a media post article describing the commercial but the picture is basically what caught my eye.

The first thing that comes to mind is this is Niamh’s dream closet.  She is still in a dress only and pink preferred phase.  I semi forced her to wear jeans yesterday and she said they were ‘too tight’ not meaning on her waist or anything but she did not have the knee freedom of movement she likes.  She crouched and jumped and said ‘see, too tight’.  New word of the day; flexable.  Anyway, I could see her loving the closet from t-mobile.  We both saw it last night for the first time and we both said the same thing about Niamh.  Part two of the commercial is her shedding the pretty pink look and going for the super tight leather motorcycle racing gear (still some pink) and taking off on a motorcycle.  At first I dismissed part 2 but after thinking about it, I can see Niamh on a race bike too…  I don’t exactly want to encourage the habit but she also has a huge fondness for tattoos and has a love/hate relationship with the ‘bad boy’ in her class.

Who knows, I might look back at this in 14 years and say ‘wow, we knew it’ or maybe not but I know she wants that wardrobe right now if the T-Mobile lady isn’t using it….

Good by week

I refuse to jinx myself, but, things seem to be falling together nicely on three different things.  Thanks for any positive thoughts you all have sent my way, getting these things in line will make be sleep easier.


This weekend is nicely unplanned but its filling up.  We need to make a garden and put my hearty beans into it because they are trying to grow up my kitchen.  I think I killed some of the other seedlings by leaving them outside too long but I think I started them too early anyway so starting again isn’t that big a deal.


With the floor done I got my computer hooked back up yesterday so I had a nice hour of paying bills and loading pictures and getting back in the grove while Lars managed dinner and bedtime.  Hopefully we get the other things that are put away back into the right spots tomorrow (its going to rain anyway) and garden on Sunday (sunny) then it will be a good progress weekend.


That’s about it for today, I know I ‘owe’ the internet a post passing on the versatile blogger award but I’m low on ideas of who should get it.  Any suggestions from you?  Who do you read that I should?  That should be recognized for being online and active?



I’m looking forward to some suggestions…

DumDum lollypop topiary instructions

I was inspired by a pin on pinterest but the link was dead so here are my instructions on how to make this neat centerpiece.

thanks for the picture Jon! ( I’ll try and add a clear one later)

You will need;

1 styrofome ball, mine was 4in diameter, smaller or bigger sizes are usable but this was visually pleasing to me for proportions.

300 dum dum’s (apx) I used 280ish on mine but there were, um, losses of raw materials that made having extra a good idea

1 stick – proportional to the ball, mine was 12inches

ribbon – enough to cover your stick

vase or something to act as a base


Step one (sorry no picture) – tape the end of your ribbon to the end of your stick and then wrap the ribbon around the stick in a slightly diagonal direction to cover the stick and move down to the other end.  Tape the other end (or glue, you pick)

Step three – push stick into the ball until it is firmly in place.  The ball will be heavy so you don’t need to go in very far as the weight will hold the ball down.  DO NOT push the stick in more then 1/4 of the way as this will weaken the ball and cause it to split.

TIP – basically never use the stick as a handle, handle the ball end whenever possible.  You can really only hold it straight up and down without risking making the hole too big and the stick falling out too easily, or, the ball falling off.

Step Four

start dead center top and create a row of lolly pops around the ball until you get within an inch of the stick.  Press each one in straight apx a quarter inch (enough that it does not move easily).  I made each pop touch the previous one so they all helped hold each other in.  Repeat on the other side so now you have a lolly pop mowhawak.

Step Five

Rotate 90 degrees and make another row.  Continue to fill in by quarter until it is full, going by row helped me keep good spacing.  Do Not worry about color, unless you are going for a theme, random creates a nice look.  Make sure you push in straight and not too far into the ball.  Look for empty spots and fill in until it is uniformly full.  When you put it down, rest it on the most lollypopped section to keep them from bending.

Step Six– the base (not exactly pictured but you can see it in the main picture)

you will notice at some point that a ball of almost 300 suckers is heavy.  I googled the project at this point and nobody really had a great way to anchor the bottom so it was not in imminent danger of tipping over.  The closest I found to a stable design was using a small pot and resting the ball on top of it (eliminating the stick element) but that didn’t have the same look I was going for.  My solution was to use a vase that came with flowers and rest the weight of the ball on the top of the vase.  Fortunately the stick was a perfect length to rest on the bottom of the vase.  I added shredded paper around the bottom for visual camo but from a distance you could hardly see the vase.  Using a darker ribbon would have made the effect better.

– other options could be

fill a small container with cement and anchor the stick into it first and put the ball on top last

have a container that is filled with something heavy like ball bearings or change (pennies and dimes)  and cover the top with something pretty

The final question is what to do with it after the party.  I didn’t have to worry about that because it crashed to the ground and made a great pinia explosion but it was well timed and worked out.

If it survives the party I suggest bringing it to work or dismantling it since it will just be a constant source of ‘can i have a sucker’ comments that will drive you crazy.  I heard one class has one that kids that do something good get to get a pop from the tree but then you run into sugar in the class room etc etc.

For Halloween I used some of my extra for this project – how to make lolly pop spiders

Here is one thing I did with my extras

ps. the bag with the rest is hidden away….

pps. any interest in the lolly pop bow instructions?  I’m out of time today

moving up in the mommy blogger world

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was accepted into the mommy blogging site and I was number 712.  I must be doing something right because now I’m 381 and hanging out with a set of Kate blogs;  Mommy Kate – looks like a give away style blog but with some personal commentary, and, KatieAnna who’s most recent post is a bit on the TMI scale, but, she seems funny and is just a little less pregnant with her #3 then I am so I think I’ll be checking back with her in the future.  Moving up 331 spots is kinda nice, hopefully one or two of the people who visit from there stick around to hear the rest of the story.



two things off the list

Two things off my mind finally (only a million to go)

1 – the floor is officially finished. The craftsmanship on the job is top notch, the price was good, for the most part he was easy to work with but my only negative on the job is that it took 200% longer than quoted. That’s far better than 200% more expensive but it was getting on my nerves. The ‘secret’ steps are great, lots of oohs and ahs over them. I have to put secret in quotes because I show everyone so they are not exactly a secret. The one going to the upstairs is a bit more obvious because it had the edges of the railings to work around so there is a tiny gap on either side of the lid that you can see easily. The one on our downstairs is totally stealth, the entire step just lifts and you can’t tell it from any of the others in any way. I was showing someone last night and Zoe saw and she thought it was the best thing ever. She immediately tried to pull up the others the same way. When things go missing from now on I’m checking the step first since Zoe likes to put things in weird places. The only thing left to decide is what to put in the steps!

The rest of the job looks good. As the floors settle in there are less creeks. They are very very shiny so you can see every speck of dust but I believe the house is no more dusty now than it was before but now I can see it and sweep it up (or not….) when before I was unaware of what had settled into the carpet daily. I’m very pleased with the color choice and the look of the house, I can hardly remember how it was before.

2 – Pampered Chief party happened. This isn’t totally off my mind yet because there is still a few days for online orders and then we get to pick our stuff but the event itself went very well. Niamh was enamored with the ‘cooking lady’ and sat like an adult and watched it all. Zoe and Jeremy were far less interested and it was hard to keep an eye on them plus the party but in the end it was all fine and everyone was happy. We had a good little group of people, the perfect size in my opinion, and it was a nice social evening. Seeing the product in action really does ‘sell it’ for me. I used the oven mitt last night to turn things on the grill and it was awesome, I’ve never felt more control and less heat in an oven mitt.  Before this I would never have bought it but the second I touched a hot grill and didn’t get burned sold me, the only decision now is what color. I also loved the look of the bamboo platter she used – I really didn’t think I would get any bamboo items since they just don’t show well in the catalogue but in person it is modern and sleek and a great size of entertaining. So now you know two things I’m getting… 

The nice side benefit of a party is a nicely cleaned house. I’ll enjoy that for the 5 minutes it lasts…

Back to normal life for a few days and then next week I start the weirdness of moving locations. I’m still unhappy about being transferred from the office 12 miles from home that has a ton of nice amenities to the one 35 miles from home that has amenities such as ‘window’s’ and ‘carpet’…. It’s like a hotel that puts ‘bed’ in the amenities list…. I did kick up enough fuss that I get one day from home a week so that’s something. I’m going to feel virtually homeless now since I’ll still be doing a day or two at the close office because of the large number of people I work with here, one or two from the other office and then at least one from home. Good bye regular schedule! I’ll have to soak in the normal for the next 3 days.

Step done!

We are in the end run of the flooring extravagangia and the ‘special’ steps are in.  I now have two little trunks built into my stairs – I need to find a way to take a better picture….