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Potty Training! and 10 places to take pictures of your kids

We are semi embarking on the potty training of Zoe.  She, like Niamh, showed interest and likes to tell us when she went.  She is sitting at daycare and occasionally going.  Same at home, sometimes she just happens to be on the potty when she goes.

With #3 coming given the stage we are at right now I don’t want to push the issue because I know she will just regress anyway and 2 in diapers isn’t as bad as it could be.  Once you start thinking about something it ‘pops up’ everywhere and yesterday I read this cute story of one woman’s battle of wills over potty training her son.  Last week I read an article about 10 places to be sure to take pictures of your kids and other then the sports stadium, I’ve done every single one, including ‘on the potty’.  For some of these photography ideas they really seem like no brainers but I guess I’m just a picture taker…

I cannot find the article I read so I’m really sorry to the site/author for not being able to credit them but here are the few I recall;

  1. At the dentist
  2. In the bathroom (bath or potty) – see above for one of probably too many
  3. At a sports stadium -> since I’ve never really even been to one I don’t have any pictures of my kids there
  4. Tiny tiny newborn feet 
  5. Frist moment between mom and new baby – my note here is the pic they had to illustrate on a scale of 1-10 was hovering a bit too close to 10 on the ‘too real’ scale since in the background you could still see feet in birthing position and a dr doing their thing… I like mine better.  Although… the pic with Niamh  is verging on too much too .  With Zoe we cropped much better because the dr was still doing her job while I moved my focus to the Zoe (AKA Nola since we had not decided at the time yet) 6. First moment between a newborn and the grandparents

Not exactly total recall there…. Well to round out the list to ten her are some I think should be on the list

7. First moment between Dad and newborn – this seriously was not on the original list and I think it is as important as the mom or the grandparents.  Really, you could easily do a top ten pictures to be taken in the delivery room very easily.

8. Kids on a swing – unless they are terrified and that might actually be a fun thing to capture too

9. ‘Helping’ do something like cook or clean – either in imitation or actually helping they are just great pictures

10. With their favorite lovie – maybe you feel like you will never forget the binky/blanky/dolly but they are precious pictures after a few years when they do fade

This is totally evolving into a photography idea post but seriously, the most interesting thing about potty training Zoe so far are these pictures and the fact that no bribe or reward is better than writing a ‘note’ on the mirror for her.  That is the thing she will work to earn – us writing on the mirror in dry erase marker.  The one only funny thing is that the one time we let her be diaper free and brought the little potty down to the kitchen where we all were she must have been confused because she would sit on the potty endlessly until she would stand up and then pee on her feet. She did this 3 times in a row, sitting in-between each time.  The good signs are there too – she tells us when she has to go (or is actually going more like) and can stop going pretty fast to be moved to a potty.  She is also showing a great desire for panties so that might be the next step, that really helped Niamh, but she potty trained from about 18m to 2.5 and we were really only serious for about a month before she got it with panties being the last big kick toward training so that is still 5 months from now in Zoe time.

Who knows, maybe this weekend we will have more success but I’m not holding my breath…