Archive | March 9, 2012

26 weeks

The belly picture….

I am now most definitely looking pregnant.  People at work have totally figured it out and last week seemed to be the week that people got brave and outright asked when I am due.   I’ve moved on to the pregnancy workout videos and between a video and a ‘run’ a week I’m feeling exercised enough.  Sleep would be fine except for other interruptions…. Niamh is back to a 3am visit nightly, if it isn’t her then the cat decides it wants to leave our room (for the record, Lars lets him in and usually lets him out but I still wake up).  Last night I fell asleep around 9 so at 3am I just was not tired enough to get back to sleep but I still was way too tired to get up.  Good thing too because around 5am Zoe ninjaed into our room and I got her to lie down only to discover maybe 20min in that she was diaperless…..  I’m glad I noticed by patting her bottom not feeling a spreading lake.  She aparently removed her own diaper at some point in the night, around 5 (i’m guessing) wet her bed, found the puddle uncomfortable and came to my bed.  She did bring me both her old diaper and a new one but at that point I was pretty awake so we just got up and took a shower.

I am still doing all my normal things, I am trying to avoid lifting heavy objects but one can only avoid so much and still live life.  Moving everything for floor finishing will be fun, maybe we can draft a friend to help or something.  I’m lucky that Lars will do the super active things like crawling through tube playgrounds but I still can do it.  I saw Zoe fall (a few feet) (she was fine) and knew Lars was in a different section of the maze so I got up to Zoe in about 10 seconds snaking my way up the climbing platforms.  In some ways I fit better then Lars but in general he is taking on the role of playground support.

People are starting to ask the ‘are you ready’ questions and my answer is ‘yes’ because while we don’t have anything set up at all, we don’t really need anything other then the right size diapers.  I will have a mile long list of things to-do to get everything really ready but all of it is internal logistics, none of it includes figuring out what XYZ we need to aquire.  If the baby was born today there would be big trouble because she isn’t big enough to be born but if for some reason nothing gets done in our house to prep for new baby over the next 3 months it would not really be a problem. I think that what people are really asking is are we ready for 3… that answer is still unknown.  I remind myself that both girls will continue to age and mature, I will never have two 2 year olds and Zoe is getting more and more capable and 3 months more is all to the good.  Niamh is a very helpful (sometimes willful) girl and is so looking forward to this baby that I think she will be great.  Right now she tells Zoe that if mommy is busy she will be the mommy and take care of her – it is so sweet – and she isnt’ just looking to be bossy, she will cuddle and read to Zoe almost endlessly although this morning after reading 5 books to Zoe she actually said; “I can’t imagine how I could read one more book Zoe, 5 is enough”.  Don’t get me wrong, she still is bossy and fights plenty but there is a good bond there that I’m glad our half crazy plan of tight spaces between the kids worked out.

Tomorrow is finally the weekend and again no firm plans but I hope to get the flooring decisions done and since it will be 60 degrees some outside time is in order.  Any of you have good plans?