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Floor day 9

What you can’t see is the fine layer of dust from sanding. I really like the result even after just one coat. Today he plans on doing the 2nd two coats and then whatever else he can do for details. The thing about the kitchen being untouchable is that its kinda in the middle of the house. We can do ok with the green room and lower level since they have outside exits but to get into the upstairs you have to enter through the lower level then climb over the banister to the upper stairs and then you are trapped up there unless you reverse the process. Quite funny to see a 30w pregnant lady climb the railing (but it can be done!). Fortunately we didn’t actually have to avoid the floor last night because we stayed out late enough. The kids are getting a lot of extra time at the park over this but that’s not a bad thing. We also tried another local restaurant, the Log Cabin, and we were not overly impressed with the food but the staff was super nice.

The end is in sight (I think) and now I’m starting to plan the next project – a raised bed in the back yard for veggies. We started seedlings last weekend but we need a place to put them.

a sleep deprived zombie is writing this….

Zoe moved to a toddler bed a few weeks ago and things are mostly fine except she falls out of it atleast once a week. We just keep saying she is not top bunk material…. Usually she needs a hug and a pat back to bed but last night she was just up and cranky and stayed that way alllllll night long. We tried all the tricks but I don’t think anyone got more than a few hours of broken sleep.

Stupidly in the times she was quiet (maybe sleeping) my brain was churning on the location move that was forced on me. I try to rationalize that other people drive far further etc etc but I’m just mad about it. The boss who delivered the message was, as usual, delivered it in possibly the worst way ever. He is just challenged in the area of making anything sound positive and I dissected his method and I believe it is because he tends to phrase things as better than a worse alternative. For example; “your moving to plant x but at least you don’t have to drive into the cities….” Other gems are “if you think its bad now, you should see what’s coming next” and “I don’t know why your stressed, other people have larger problems”. Seriously dude, on one hand getting me to think about all the other bad things is like compounding the negative, on the other, how do you know I would not prefer to drive into the cities or have someone elses particular problems? I think he would probably tell someone fabulous news in the same manner and somehow wet blanket it like; “I got you a 10% raise, it isn’t as good as the other people but its better then nothing…” Oh well, I tried to not spend any brain power or angst on this but I failed and now I’m double tired.

Flooring continues, today is the kitchen and that includes sanding and more classic refinish so hopefully we got everything masked. I thought since he was so behind that kitchen would be Monday so I would have time but he told Lars that was his pan for today so last night at 10pm I’m cleaning out the hall closet and removing everything from the kitchen. It does look very big with nothing in it. The stairs and finishing stuff will probably fall into next week but for a 2 week timeline a day or two extra is not bad in the land of contractors. I’ve heard horror stories…. I need to take a day and clean every wall once this is done since they are all dusty but at the end of this the house might be its cleanest since we bought it. My goal is to have it put back together for Niamh’s birthday in a little less than 2 weeks.

I wish work had napping facilities but I have tons to do so need to get to it.

Floor day 8

No stairs yet but this level almost done

the rotten egg, and, seatbelt milestone

March-011, originally uploaded by katymac79.

Do you remember the old ‘last one there is a rotten egg’ phrase? I used it the other day and it took IMMEDATE hold of Niamh. Maybe they use it at school too but her competitive nature made her have to be first. We really do try hard to use positive reinforcement like earning a treat rather then withholding something to get our way, but, she sure speed up to not be the rotten egg.

Then, she Niamhed the phrase, she declared it is now “last one (whatever) is a hyena” as in the crazy dogs of the savanna…. Maybe she has watched Lion King a few too many times because that is the only reference I can think of to a hyena in her suburban Midwest existence. Oh well, the intent is the same, move it or be last! We mostly use this for getting into and bucked in the car, something that a few weeks ago I decided Niamh needed to start doing herself and I’m proud to say that now 9 out of 10 times I am the Hyena since I have to help Zoe I am usually last in my seat with a seat belt on.

The seatbelt milestone is something another mom told me about ages ago, its one of those ones you don’t find on baby charts  I’m sure somewhere there is a list with all these little, yet important, events that say your baby is getting more able to pass as a normal human. I suppose a list would need to include dates and that would make someone feel bad if their snowflake was way behind some semi arbitrary date on a list because I’m sure if Niamh was an only I would continue to buckle her seatbelt for her for years to come. I choose to push this issue because as #3 comes due, she will need a seat in the car and that means someone needs to move to the way back row of the mini van. Given the option of making her learn, or, squeezing between the baby bucket and the 5 point restrain jet pilot seat Zoe is in I’m choosing Nimah learns to click. Fortunately for me she possesses both the coordination and the desire to make this happen.

It took a few weeks and for those that want to know my method here it is, for those who don’t care skip to the next paragraph. First I asked her to see if she could click before I got Zoe in, from Zoe’s side of the car I could see how she was doing and help when needed. Occasionally she would say that seat belts were my job so I would do it some days but other days she was fine with it. I ‘officially’ made it her job one Monday once I knew she could do it and from then on I would sit and wait for the click from my chair. If she had trouble it was with the auto retracting belt so I would hold the belt and she would navigate the buckle. I was sure to tell her we were not in a rush and she could take her time to do it so I didn’t stress her out. I luckily never had her decide to try and wait me out… Once we introduced the rotten egg concept she got fast at the process and I think it also took her mind off any stress about not being able to do it. Really when you do it faster rather then slower you don’t get tied up by the retracting belt. This past week she needed no prompting or reminding and was buckled in before I even knew it, at this point I consider the matter settled. Some days she asks if I heard the click and I actually didn’t because she was so fast and I was clicking Zoe still but that’s what they make rearview mirrors for. I’m confident now that she can buckle into the back where I can’t reach once we move her there but its hard having my first baby be out of arms reach…

Back to the rotten egg…. So now I find MYSELF the rotten egg often so I made up a new rule – you can’t be the rotten egg if your helping someone. I would be much faster if I wasn’t always helping that pesky do-nothing tot ::smile:: For her, winning is great and loosing is bad but its all personal to her so she is never mean about you loosing and we are working on her being a good looser too but one thing at a time.

… I still have no idea how a rotten egg = a hyena….

27 March, 2012 13:02

Wood floors are contagious! I have 3 people I know looking at doing them now, I’ll be recommending our guy provided he finishes it up right. It is another hectic day here at work and I just go the news that I’ll be moving locations to the one that is further away from home. Woo Hoo, one more item for the list! Sometimes decisions are made harder and sometimes they are made so much easier….

Topic flip! Tonight Lars and I are going to see Hunger Games. This is probably the first movie in years we are seeing within 2 weeks of the release. It worked out well that since the entire house is topsy turvy that our normal cleaning day can be traded for her babysitting instead. Net neutral for us all~