Archive | February 17, 2012

The sprint to the weekend

Finally a Friday!

This week has been disjointed but I suppose if everyday was the exact same I would say I was bored.  Cramming 5 days of work into 3 is always fun but busy is good with me.  I think I found a handyman, Lars is meeting him today and will use his spidy sense about if he is a good guy or not.  Not that there are ton of options here but if he immediately gets a bad vibe he can offer to pay the guy for his drive but say we got someone else…  Speaking of Lars, the walking wounded is much better for anyone keeping track.  Zoe constantly points to his owie finger but it is healing well and useful enough.  The toe is also healing well, he isn’t doing any kicking of things or people but he can walk fine and unless it gets stepped on.  Good to know he can still heal quickly~


Weekend plans are shaping up.  I think we are going to finally make the leap and get bunk beds  I feel like Niamh just moved into the toddler bed and now she is getting ready for a twin!  My plan would be to put the toddler bed under the top bunk for Zoe but we will see how that goes.  Ikea trips are always fun anyway and we are due to go visit the big blue box.


The other plan is photography related – the project of the weekend should be far easier than normal because my subjects should sit still, I can count on one out of two atleast…  I’m doing our friends save the date card and hopefully the idea we have looks good in print.  I’ve scoured the internet for examples and on the positive side, I think we might have something unique here, on the negative, I wonder why nobody else did it like this?  Its very right for this couple and not just the classic engagement photo so maybe that’s why it isn’t common enough to be on the internet.  I think I’m getting to be a good hobbyist at this point but not something I would want to do professionally.  I think all those art classes where you study light and balance etc are a good core for composing good pictures, I start feeling itchy if I don’t do something creative often enough and a camera is far less messy then paint.


Since it is a beautiful day here in MN I think I’m going to take a quick walk rather than pontificate longer here.  Hope you all have a great weekend too.