Archive | February 9, 2012

today is today

Yesterday was our big conference of the year and it was really very very nice this year. I’m at that happy point where I basically know everyone and I’m really comfortable the whole day, plus, based on experience I don’t specifically schedule anything so I have time to just do what needs doing. This year the location was even better and even though I got a tiny bit lost I was still ontime and since it ended at 3 I got to get a few things at the store and still get home by 4. I took a tiny nap to celebrate my free time and Lars got the kids. The downside was getting up at 5:45 but that’s the way things go. The afternoon flew by with kid stuff, we made jello for the first time and even though we iced it, it still was not set enough for dessert. Tonight we feast on Jello!

Today I actually applied for a different internal job. I have no idea if I’ll get it, or if they will even consider me qualified, but I was convinced that even doing something for 3 months is worth doing. I am still very undecided about what to do after new baby… there are pro’s and con’s and emotions, and fear of change, and and and. At some point we need to figure that out.

On a less angst filled topic – Niamh has been saying the most cute things. She asked me if the new baby liked ice skating, she also asked if the baby would know how to sew because I was sewing something one night and the baby-bump was obviously present. Wouldn’t it be cool if in utero babies did soak up stuff? Niamh bump was in a MBA finance class with me, Zoe bump took a leadership class. Both of them had full time work experience and SCA and various other fun things.

Well this much has taken me all day so I need to publish or perish here. Hope all is well with you all~