Archive | January 31, 2012


Milestone report;  Niamh can now do buttons.  I think she is actually a tad behind in the fine motor stuff, nothing to worry about, but I think buttons were supposed to be doable long ago.  She is very proud now to do and undo her buttons.

Milestone #2; friends who we saw meet, start dating, move in together, handle major medical drama, and even adopt a pet together have FINALLY made it official and are getting married.  It is so nice to have a happy ending (or really, a happy move from one stage to another) for them.  The EXTRA nice thing is that they are local so we don’t have to do anything but drive for their wedding.  We have officially lived here a long time to have local friends get married.  Technically this is an unfair measure since we moved into a group that were all already married with kids (and all older than us).  I have to think about it but we have gone back east for at least 5 different weddings and we have missed at least 3.

So Congratulations on your engagement!  (this pic is from Easter so imagine a ring on that left hand, its there now)

We got this news bright and early and I have to say it is a great way to start the morning.