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Gender is know 99% sure

No such thing as 100% you know.  Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting this yesterday – most importantly the baby is as perfect as can be (and still look freakishly like Skelator) we have proof of fingers, toes, brain, kidneys, spine, arms, legs… you get the picture and baby was very very active, I know I’ve said I have been feeling stuff but the acrobatics we saw yesterday were impressive.

I took a little time to say goodbye to the ‘other’ (purely fictional) baby and now we are set to go forward happy.  Here is my post from last time on the subject of Schrodinger’s baby.  This time there is also the added pressure of either turning our two girls into a trio, or, adding an odd ‘man’ out with a boy (with 2 older sisters).  Every time I’ve talked about gender every person has a STRONG opinion on what I should have and they ALL imply that the only reason we had a third is to get a boy.  For the record, that is not true at all.  There are also lots of people who like the surprise and while I can’t say I won’t use gender pronouns in the future, here is your opportunity to keep the secret for yourself.

So, in order for you to know the gender of this baby you need to PROMISE to be nothing but positive.  To unlock the post below that finally tells you the gender of #3 the password is promise.

Protected: it is a…..

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