Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is not a good thing. I think we are all aware of that. If you’re not aware, here is me telling you that it is a bad thing that ignoring won’t make go away – get checks of any out of the ordinary symptoms. There – public service done.

Second public service. If you see a weird facebook status update from people that says "I am going to________________for___________ months." It is a stunt to promote breast cancer awareness; the blanks are filled in based on your birthday and there is a list of things corresponding to each month/day. I’ve seen these in the past and had NO IDEA what they were talking about and that’s when they were saying something silly like “my pocketbook is Green and I love Cheese” that was just weird but if I saw that one of my friends was going to Morocco for 6 months in her status I would honestly think cool, Morocco is fun but 6 months is a long time! Why saying something obtuse is supposed to create awareness is beyond me, but, saying something that is potentially believable is just mean. Hopefully the Breast Cancer social media campaign does not hunt me down for putting this out there but I know I would want to know why all these people are saying they are leaving for foreign countries for long periods of time… I share this sentiment with lots of people and recently another blogger wrote on the topic and I share her feelings on the subject. Why not empower the internet to be direct like at 10am on Feb 10 remind all your friends to be healthy by XYZ (fill in a message… btw, breast cancer isn’t the only bad guy out there, just in case you didn’t know…) in your status. Being direct might get through to people. Who knows, just my opinion.

3 responses to “Breast cancer awareness”

  1. meala says :

    I have long thought these games were silly at best, and at worst uninformative and sometimes downright hurtful.

    Like you, I favor the more direct approach of reminding people it’s time to feel their breasts or testes, get that mole checked, or floss their teeth for good heart health. My friends and family give me enough WTF? moments, without having to try and figure out the hidden meaning in their status updates.


  2. ashley fraser says :

    as if we arnt aware of it come on. It was like that stupid thing about bra colors.

    How about 930 at night on the 9th of the month every one dose a breast self exam.


  3. G says :

    I rarely follow the group on these things. I think I’m a bit old for meme (which I would throw this into). I’m with you.


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