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Tuesday Ramble

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Countdown to Kid Free* Trip – 3 days
Countdown to knowing the gender of the new baby – 1 day

Yesterday not much happened in the ‘get the house ready’ or ‘pack for the trip’ but I still have a few days. My day today started off a tad disorganized. I go to the production facility on Tuesday and about 2 min from home I bemoan that I forgot my sunglasses and for once it is sunny. 10min from the house I realized I didn’t have my badge; annoying but nothing a stop at the guard house can’t fix, biggest annoyance would be parking in the far away lot. About 20 min from home (in a 30 min trip) I realize I also don’t have my laptop – that is a turn around scenario. (Since I was home I also got my sunglasses and badge) I ended up about 15 min late but fortunately I didn’t have any early calls so all is well.

Aside from forgetting things, I think I’ve turned the corner on feeling sick and tired all the time. Everything in the world was magnified 100x and now its more like 10x and that is a lot easier to deal with. The only big thing hanging over my head is getting the townhouses rented, if anyone knows someone who needs a place let me know. One of the townhouses is especially bothersome because of the amount of stuff left. In my magnified state of anger this made me very mad, now I’m just at a very annoyed level. Lars is dutifully going over every Sunday and filling the trash can and also putting trash in other peoples can’s if there is room (he is a bold boy…) but after weeks of this there is still a pile. A few times he took the girls decked out in snow gear so I could have 20min of general peace but last time Zoe made a run for it so now he is less inclined to do that. I queried facebook about donation services and got plenty of good ideas but in our area the only pickups for large things are on Friday’s during the day and someone has to be there so I have to find a day to take off to be there. I tell myself there are far worse ways for a rental to be left, the inside is cleaned neat as a pin. This is a bad time of year to find a renter in general but there is some interest and I’m crossing fingers that we find someone in the next few weeks. It only takes 1 (each, so I actually need 2).

I need to focus on happier things, like, sonogram tomorrow! By 3:30 tomorrow we will know if my persistent gloom is caused by creating a boy baby, or, if this is a girl that is just different then her sisters. I’m happy with either gender, a boy would be nice for balance but I like the girl stuff and already have so much of it. Niamh is coming with us and she is very excited to find out too. It will be cool to start the next phase of planning by having the gender known I start being able to think about things like names and that makes the bump way more baby like rather than a bump. Speaking of the bump, operation hide the bump is getting to the end of the line. I mentioned to a coworker that I was not planning travel for June and he was like ‘Ok, yup, I was wondering about that’. I suppose people are noticing but not knowing how to say anything. My standard answer is “well, guys never tell people when their wives are pregnant”. I’ll bite the bullet in April I think and address the maternity leave question, other then that its not his business and I still think he has no idea since our contact is 98% initiated by me so if I don’t go find him he never checks in with us. Different styles and hey, I’m not micromanaged.

So this post is rather rambley so I’ll add one more unconnected thing. Pinterest has developed an odd annoying thing. So I’ve explained this is a huge site where people ‘pin’ stuff they think is cool, fun, funny, for later reference and other people can see your Pin. There is also the ability of the public to comment on a pin (or repin it, or, like it) and the recent annoying thing is people are starting to have LONG conversation in the comments of a pin. They are not nice comments either! If someone pins something you disagree with, don’t re pin, simple solution. You don’t need to tell someone with something political or religious (the 2 big triggers) they are wrong or stupid etc, just go look at the millions of pins you do like. I only re-pin 1 in every 100 or so. I tend to find lots of things not to my needs or taste but I feel no compulsion to tell the person who did pin that item my opinion. To tie this vaguely to my previous theme, it’s a good thing this is more recent because if the site was full of this ire when things were all 100x for me I would have abandoned it and it is just such a fun site.

That’s enough for me – the picture is completely random but I like it, kisses from my #1 – Cheers til tomorrow.