Weekend Review

This weekend was very good!  It was a great balance of getting things done and doing fun stuff.

The ‘feature picture’ today (sorry for iPhone quality) is Zoe climbing up the massive play structure at the Shoreview community center.  On flicker you can see my other pictures of how big it was.  Zoe was not quite big enough to do it solo since some of the platforms were just too high for her to get up to herself, but, Niamh was all over it like a monkey and Lars and I took turns helping Zoe and keeping an eye on Niamh.  We thought this would be fun for an hour or so before the pool opened but we had to drag the kids away after 3 hours.  There was a small loop with a slide that Zoe did a million times and it was perfect for her and too small for any of the big kids to care about (double perfect).  We went with Niamh’s BF who had fun too and its good for 3 year olds to meet on neutral territory, nothing belongs to anyone so it is far easier to sort out disagreements.   We all left for naps and then Lars and Niamh came back for the promised pool time.  They played for another 2.5 hours in the pool and needless to say they all slept soundly until 7am – no bed ninjas.

Saturday Lars was on duty so he was tied to the house but it was a pretty mellow work day so he was still ‘there’ for the family.  I focused on cleaning my room and it is now basically 100% clean.  There are 2 totes to move out to the garage and a small pile of stuff that needs to go to its real home around the house but I organized and even threw away things and dusted and sorted…  The kids semi helped by playing nicely and occasionally bringing something I asked for or bringing something to their rooms that had migrated into mine.  I wish I could focus like this on every room of the house and one by one I will but by the time I’m done I’m sure room #1 will need focus again and thus the cycle continues.

I also attempted 2 craft projects.  One the prize for my comment contest winner; another Tangled hair clip (aka clippie as the etsy people call them) and this one is even better than the one I did for Niamh.  Part of art is capturing the important details and not worrying about every detail, its like a word that has the right first and last letter and the right number of letters total can be completely misspelled and people can still read it – it is the IMPORTANT key details to focus on.  For Tangled, since I’ve watched the move and looked at pictures millions of times, I feel one of her real important details is the part in her hair.  This is missing on Niamh’s but now I figured it out and I think this one looks better.  I also did something a little different on the back (not like people see the back) but I still think backs are important too.  That went out in the mail on Saturday so it should be there maybe tomorrow or the next day.

The second project I’m of two minds on, I tried to re-purpose a shirt of mine into a dress for Niamh but I’m not wild about the outcome.  Maybe a few more changes/little things and I’ll like it enough to post but the shirt has been unworn for years since it just never fit right even when I didn’t have a bump belly so its better off getting used somehow.

Final thing, as I sit here Monday it is snowing so we are finally getting our snow, I just hope the roads are ok for getting home and I thanked my lucky stars again on my way here to have a short, against traffic, commute.

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