Archive | January 20, 2012

Friday update

I’m sure you have all been wondering, but, we have arrived on a trash can decision!

Lars finally told me that the plastic liner in our current one is broken and keep tearing the trash bags and that is a real reason to replace it.  So, thanks for all the help looking and the comments definitely confirmed that the touchless option was silly.  The ‘odor eating’ filter just does not exist on a standard can and I don’t know why that perked Lars’s interest because our trash seldom smells.  Not like we don’t have to play the ‘what smells game’ (where you sniff odd corners and things until you find the offending item, usually a potato) but usually we have smells under control.  I’m not a great housekeeper but I have a fantastic nose and it bothers me if there is a bad smell so they are quickly irradiated.

Second, slightly related item/disclaimer.  Amazon has approved me to be a ‘partner’ meaning that if anyone clicks on a product on this site and goes to Amazon and actually buys anything I get a tiny bit of credit.  I like that it is on anything, way more potential for someone to click on something to just look at it but then they think “hey, I was meaning to check out bedspreads….” I would get a tiny % of whatever you do end up buying.  I’m under no illusion that this is a unique honor bestowed on me by Amazon but given the number of times I link to them anyway its cool that it might be of some general benefit.  Most likely all the searches I get for the Deuter backpack that go to this post that then go to Amazon will PROVE that I’ve sold at least 10 of those things.  So if you feel like shopping on Amazon anyway, click through me first J  Oh, and they will send me special deals, if there is ever something awesome I’ll share it but don’t worry, this is not going to be an all-ad-all- the-time site.


Finally, and totally unrelated to the above, I am getting a bit obsessed with Pinterest.  There are just so many good ideas out there!  The site is so handy and its like a wormhole for time.  I started a board titled ‘things I made/did thanks to Pinterest’ because I feel its like giving credit back to the source.  Anyway, if your not already on it you should check it out.  You ‘pin’ a picture to your board and then when you click on the picture later it takes you right back to the site you got it from so you see all the directions etc.  Great for building wish lists or ideas for a party, or, like one person I know building a gallery of source documentation for SCA.  Way easier then keeping a huge bookmark list…. Actually it is a huge bookmark list just with pictures.  The second cool thing is looking at what your friends pin or searching for something and getting a ton of options that all lead to other places.  It is a research person’s dream, you can drill from the secondary source right to the primary with a click.  I must be their target audience because I’m on it daily now.

To wrap this up, weekend coming, and I’m going to be mailing my comment winner prize (A Rapunzel hair clippie), showing our rental (sorry mom, our one) and generally getting ready for our trip next weekend.  Anyone doing anything more exciting than that?