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SOPA – not just soup in Spanish

Everyone is talking about the protest thing today – protesting the bill that is using sledgehammer language about copywriter infringement. I have no idea how far they will take the SOPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act) bill if it actually passes but I really don’t want to lose the internet sources. Here is a fairly non biased article on what SOPA is;

Personally I have no idea if someone is plagiarizing me but I would be annoyed if they were but I don’t think that I have the right to shut the entire site down and not just their site, potentially their host too. Platforms like word press or flicker would (possibly) be held liable for what their users do and it would be their job to police, not just react when something is pointe out to them. I don’t have an answer but I don’t want my internet locked down because/in fear of something that a very small minority engage in while the vast majority of us all use the internet responsibly. The argument that every illegal download would have been a real purchase is insane, the people who illegally download do so because they can afford to, if they had to pay they probably would not buy the movie/show/song. I would almost argue that those that listen to a song on YouTube by someone famous performed by someone not famous might decide to actually go buy the real song because they like it – you would lose all those people! There are real stats supporting that from the first guitar hero – they used all obscure or old music to avoid huge royalties (legally) and tons of guitar hero people went and bought the full album of the songs they like. Oh well, unintended consequences…

A blogger I read is against the blackout because she does not think blacking out her site would send a real message. I agree, do you all care if I blacked out today? Would it make you go lodge a protest? I think it’s better to write about my reasons. My inspiration blogger suggests to post a random tip today so here is my tip, credit to my mom; instead of hand washing hand wash stuff put a very small load amount of clothing on a large load setting so they have lots of room to float – and – use a shorter cycle setting.

So now you are (more) aware of SOPA and how to avoid hand washing…  Wordpress has a protest if  you want to sign your name here;