Comment winner and 7 year work anniversary

1. Janis

2. P. Mizzi

3. Katey

4. Paul Mac Menamin

5. Amber

6. Laura

7. Linda Moore

8. Sarah P

9. Greta

10. Shannon

Thank you all for the comments, my stats tell me people read but occasionally it’s nice to hear from the people reading. As promised I did a random number generator and the number I got was 6. I’ll contact Mrs Owl with her options for prizes.

In other news, tomorrow is my 7th anniversary at the workplace.

I brought in doughnuts and oranges today for my main site and I’ll do the same tomorrow for my plant office. My 5th anniversary was COMPLETELY ignored by the company because of an issue with January hires on the list so I decided I would just celebrate myself. I’m trying to focus on the good stuff not the bad and tasty donuts help that nicely. Here is my post from that first day – there is irony that I am bitter about the storage room I was sitting in waiting for the new building to be finished. They did finish the new building and that the May Zoe was born they actually announced that the plant I started in was closing and for a year we were prepping to close etc. THEN 6 months ago they decided they needed the plant capacity so it was staying open and not only was it staying open but we were redoing large chunks of it for more office space and so the ‘hole’ is now officially nice office space. To me it actually is not as good a thing because my day at the plant was my day to get things done because none of my direct coworkers were there and I had a nice little office to work int. Now with the redone area I have 4 coworkers over there full time and the floor plan is very very open so posting on plant days is again not easy. Funny how things change and then they change back…


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