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Blog delurk – and – school options

It is Blog De-lurking week and I almost missed it!  This week it is very very nice if you leave a comment for me and for anyone else you read.  You could just say hi or you could tell me where your from.  I have an archaic stat system that tells me IP address and visit frequency so other then knowing some of you have cool jobs and 3 of you live in Brazil (or one person in Brazil who reads from three IP address) I would love to know a tiny bit more about you.  No pressure – you could just say hi. (There MIGHT be a prize for a randomly selected commenter from this week just to sweeten the deal)


Otherwise, I am still working on getting back on track post holiday.  Last weekend we made headway on cleaning in general but the tree is still up and that needs to be done this week.  Monday we went to a local pre-school etc expo where all the local schools did a table with info.  I went in wanting to love the local catholic school but then I asked them the creationism question – more accurately, I asked if they taught evolution – and the very surprising answer was that they do not teach evolution and they only teach creationism.  Maybe I went to the most odd catholic school in the world, but, a NUN taught us basically that the Creation story was the most accurate explanation for the people of the time.  She went on to say that evolution is the current most accurate explanation but the evidence for evolution is very convincing and is most likely how we and other plants and animals and germs continue to evolve over time.  She was a great teacher and in my opinion teaching that there is ONLY one explanation is just wrong whatever that explanation is.  I don’t want to say either side is right or wrong but I like that I learned to look at all the options.  Anyway, that school is sadly off the list.


The Waldorf school is also off the list….  I know there are many ways to run a Waldorf school but this one seems to be sending kids to a place to learn how to be at home – a job I feel well qualified for, what I don’t feel completely qualified for is the teaching stuff like how to read so I need a school to cover that part for me.


Lars and I are of two minds about the Chinese emersion school.  They spend 100% of their day until 2nd grade with Chinese only…  It could be a great advantage or it could be a huge issue by being behind on all the stuff you usually learn in first grade (like the READING I’ve mentioned not feeling qualified to teach).  For the record, Lars is all for it, I’m semi against it.  Good thing we have 2 years to decide.


The local Moniorisi school that I had previously written off is now looking better to me.  It seemed too small and that is still an issue, but, they let the kids go at their own pace.  They also don’t let them avoid something they just don’t like, that was my original other issue with them.  Given Niamh’s birthday and the state rule that you need to be 5 to go to Kindergarten, she will be in preK for a loooong time.  I want her to get the most out of school time and the at your own pace might be the way to go.


There is also a variety of preschool programs with different focus, length, and location that link up with our public school.  That might be the good middle of the road option but I need to spend time looking at this from more then one point of view and I’m glad I have a while to figure it out.


Now I have to go delurk on the sites I read ~  Don’t forget to comment this week!