Archive | January 9, 2012

17 weeks – getting round

Poor 3rd child is going to have to get used to me being even more late then with #2 and I was not exactly perfect with #1 – I finally took my 17w picture over the weekend (will be 18w tomorrow) and to my immense surprise, I’m really not much bigger than the last two times.  I feel bigger, not house big or anything, but I’m at the point where camouflage is not all the easy any more.  For the record, the boss and many work people do not know yet, I’m still ticked off about losing credit for the project I did because someone else helped on my maternity leave.  I was confident I could get past New Years with nobody knowing at work and I did for the most part, a few people knew, but now it’s a wait and see thing.  Any bets I make it to spring?  I can be very creative with sweaters….


Here is bump number 3 at 17w 5d

Here is bump number 2 at 16w

Here is bump number 1 and 17w


Otherwise the weekend passed with out major event.  Niamh enjoyed her party, she got home and fell asleep and Zoe did not get a good nap in so we decided to stay home from the event to prevent public meltdowns.  We did a mini Christmas on Sunday with a friend who has had a sick family member for weeks delaying this exchange.  I did a really good clean on the living room and pretty good on the kitchen.  It has been a long time between good cleanings that I was getting twitchy.  This weekend was the ‘lets move and just leave this all here’ feeling.  I think I do need to look into wood floors, I’ve wanted them for years and I think with would give more visual space at least.    We watched a bunch of Burn Notice and we are now in the current season, it is a very clever show and I’m enjoying it.  I finally finished moving Zoe from 12-18 m stuff to 24-2T and now her clothes are on the large side but better than on the small side, and, I half-finished my clothing transition.  Good thing Lars just wears jeans and t-shirts year round so there is one wardrobe I don’t need to changes.  Very domestic, very dull weekend.


Here’s hoping this week is more fun~