Archive | January 4, 2012

Trash cans, why are they so difficult?

I almost feel silly writing this but it is on my mind.

The garbage can in the kitchen, that I picked up on a whim in 2005 Jan sometime (right after we moved in) has never really been perfect but always worked just fine. Yesterday I was IMing with Lars about a few things I needed at WalMart and asking him if he knew of anything we needed and he replied ‘Garbage Can’. I have no idea why this filtered to the top of his brain yesterday, but, I told him it was not really that easy to just pick one up. He did not believe me….. Google ‘Kitchen Trash Can’ and see the MILLIONS of options. Little does Lars know but I have been keeping an eye out for a new one too and I have a list of features in mind so I asked him what he was looking for in a garbage can. His reply was “hold in the trash and the smell”. Um…. Our current one does that…. So after doing some googling of his own he found one he liked a lot;

I didn’t even look at the size (yet) because one of my criteria is the spot it needs to fit into but the ‘automatic’ nature of it irked me. Why? Maybe I’m weird, but, I don’t’ want my trash can opening every time I come within 6 inches of it. My sister has a funny story about her pregnant self-turning on the automatic sinks in patient rooms because she strayed into their magic eye range (and they are small rooms mostly full of a sick person). Given the 2 children in the house and the impending third I don’t want an open invite – literally open – for them to put things into the trash can. Second, it requires batteries, something I really don’t want to have to keep up on. Third, and counter my argument #1, I don’t know how easy it would be for little people to use this when they wanted to. Right now Zoe is a great helper bringing things to the garbage and she does not use the foot option, she just lifts the lid. This one does not look like it has an easy lifting lid. Finally, the opening option is on a timer so that does not work for my habit of parking my foot on it so I can scrape dishes. I could see this can being rather annoying.

So, before I say any of this well thought argument, I asked what he likes about this one. His reply is the deodorizer… I’ve got a super sniffer and our kitchen can is seldom the issue (try the diaper can, that smells) but whatever I try and find that feature on a more traditional can. Apparently iTouchless holds the market on the deodorizer feature and every one of their cans is automatic….

If anyone has spare time and feels like finding this unicorn of a trash can you would get a million thankyous. Otherwise our old can will stay in service until further notice.