Archive | January 3, 2012

The Real World

Other then it feeling like a Monday, it feels pretty normal here. Sad how easily I can fall back into the work routine…

I am glad we came home ‘early’ it was nice to have a decompression weekend for us all. We went over to a friends for NewYears Day – nothing like the epic party of Her Grace but a nice time. The kids all showed signs of being crispy fried and that made their interaction less than perfect but that’s the way things go sometimes.

The fact that I don’t have school or homework ANY NIGHT is actually dawning on me now. I can actually plan to do little projects each night and not have to cram them all into weekends or the two weekdays I had available. There is no guarantee that every day will be productive but my hope is to get through the backlog of stuff. Last night we took all of Zoe’s outgrown clothes out of her closet (now in a pile) and put back what still fits. Tonight we need to unpack the boxes of 24m stuff that has been in her room for a month and get it into the wardrobe. Exciting stuff right. I also need to do the same for myself. The pre-pregnancy wardrobe is now too small. The bump is getting persistent and some things will work still it is easier to just put it all away and have only maternity approved stuff out. This should make my room neater too since right now I have everything out; maternity in totes, regular summer in the drawers and regular fall/winter in totes because I didn’t want to make the transition two times. The person who helps us clean thinks I have an epic amount of clothing and she is right… but… its necessary….

Resolutions… New Years is the time for that I suppose, not that you can’t just start something anytime but Jan 1 is a nice marker. Last year I made/continued the effort to wear a dress or skirt weekly and to take more pictures. I think I did well on both. I also had the goal of finishing the MBA and with much thanks and encouragement from Lars we made it happen. For 2012 I think I’ll try and keep going with the dress nicer goal but being pregnant will not make it easy. The one new thing I’m going to try to attempt is to do dishes more quickly, like as I’m making a meal to wash up immediately. I had good reasons not to do this in the past, most due to time available the crazy routine of Niamh and Zoe evenings but I think I can at least do better. My goal for Niamh is 100% potty trained, my goal for Zoe is some level of potty training. Niamh is almost there, she has had about 4-5 night stretches of being dry so its just a matter of time. I think I am also going to take a stab at the 100 book list. Now that I don’t have to read page turners like Strategic Management I have time to read more fun stuff. That seems like a good list to me…. Oh, and keep blogging, I’m trying for daily but time will tell.

Lunch time is over so back to sifting through my stack of e-mail. So far so good though, not real awful stuff yet. How is your first day back in the real world?