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Milestone report;  Niamh can now do buttons.  I think she is actually a tad behind in the fine motor stuff, nothing to worry about, but I think buttons were supposed to be doable long ago.  She is very proud now to do and undo her buttons.

Milestone #2; friends who we saw meet, start dating, move in together, handle major medical drama, and even adopt a pet together have FINALLY made it official and are getting married.  It is so nice to have a happy ending (or really, a happy move from one stage to another) for them.  The EXTRA nice thing is that they are local so we don’t have to do anything but drive for their wedding.  We have officially lived here a long time to have local friends get married.  Technically this is an unfair measure since we moved into a group that were all already married with kids (and all older than us).  I have to think about it but we have gone back east for at least 5 different weddings and we have missed at least 3.

So Congratulations on your engagement!  (this pic is from Easter so imagine a ring on that left hand, its there now)

We got this news bright and early and I have to say it is a great way to start the morning.

our kids took a vacation from us this weekend

I realized this weekend while in Chicago that out of 2x I have visited the city I have been pregnant both times. Almost exactly the same amount even… the last time being December 2007 pregnant 20ish weeks with Niamh. Weird how some things just happen the same over and over. I remember on that trip being very thankful to not have an external child because we ran around the city like crazy and our flight got canceled due to snow and we had to rent a car and drive to get back for a very important Monday. This time I was thankful for being external child free for some of the same running around reasons but thankfully the weather was awesome and all flights happened with zero issues.

We planned the trip in a series of ‘moments’. First we (mostly Lars) had the intense desire to go to Rick Bayless’s restaurant because he loves Mexican food and was very impressed with him as a person and as a chef on Top Chef Masters. We decided that since he had a place in Chicago that we would make plans to go ‘someday’. We mentioned this to other friends who agreed that it sounded great and would love to go with us. Time passes and ‘someday’ is still an unmarked date on the calendar but there were so many things to do; school, holidays, work stuff etc not to mention finding someone who would watch our 2 kids while we go away.

Moment #2 came when we decided to ask a close mom friend if she would be willing to watch the girls, actually I think she even offered so that was even better. The offer was for a future ‘someday’ date too and given that she had an extra job in retail that made ‘someday’ most definitely after Christmas season.

The actual moment of transition between ‘someday’ and Jan 28th was the doing of the other couple who was checking on reservations and noticing that they were 4-6 weeks out for a weekend and just took the lead and booked it. That moment crystalized the trip and made it a real thing to plan for rather than just talk about ‘someday when…’ We were fortunate to have the childcare work for that weekend and airlines cooperated too so within a week we were booked and then conversations moved to far more interesting topics of what we would wear.

As the date approached it was an exciting yet hard thing… we like our kids, we only really get to see them on weekends, leaving them sounds great and awful at the same time. We are not shy about bringing them lots of places but this trip really would not work for them because for starters our dinner reservation was for 9:30pm. I was nervous about Zoe crying the whole time and our friend never speaking to us again but I decided to not borrow trouble and focus on the fact that Niamh was excited and loves the person coming over (and her kids) and if she is happy Zoe tends to be too, plus, Zoe is more socially accepting then Niamh was. There was a hard moment when I was leaving but I didn’t leave a crying baby, she was content snuggling with books when I walked out the door.

The trip itself when great and after I pull the pictures hostage in my camera out I’ll give a run down but today my focus is how well the weekend went for the kids. They were happy without us but happy to see us and that was the best thing. If we do this again I’ll have zero doubts about the kid care part of the trip, but, we kept missing them while we were gone when we saw something they would like. The kids by all reports had a fabulous time. They played all day nonstop with friends and on a cool indoor playground. They ate their favorite foods, they probably watched more TV than normal (big treat) and Niamh had a sleepover party and she has wanted that for ages. I think they had as much fun or more without us!!!

Bottom line, I’m very glad we didn’t leave this as a ‘someday’ adventure. We did it, they did it and now we know it is not just possible it is fun. [end]

What trumps, birthday or deathday?

What a title….  But, it has been on my mind this week as this is the one year anniversary of Lars’s mom’s rather sudden death.  For me, the 26/ 27th of January will stand out as more ‘her day’ then her birthday in my mind but is that right?  Do we still mark her birthday?  Is it morbid to mark her death day?  Her birthday was never a big happening in our world, I have a calendar reminder so I would remind Lars to call but that was about it.

On the spooky side of things, her favorite animal was an Owl.  She just loved them and collected them and so when I see owl’s I’m reminded of her.  We happen to have two stuffed owl’s, one was a gift to Niamh from and SCA friend and the other I’m not positive how it came to our house, anyway both were pulled out of general obscurity my Niamh last week for “O” show and tell and Zoe has fallen in love with them.  She hauls them around everywhere and must sleep with both and her most used phrases for the past few days have been “my owl” or “where my owl?”.  My rational mind says she is 1.5 and gets fixated on things, the part of me that believes there is more to the world than what we see wonders if Oma is whispering to Zoe.  To comfort Lars I told him we should ask his mom to watch Zoe specially since they never got to meet and as of the day we said that Zoe has been a more sound sleeper then Niamh ever was.  Coincidence again but after a few coincidences you start to see a pattern.

I’m not sure what to do today on the subject other than post this.  I don’t want to make Lars sad and he isn’t all the close with his siblings either so I don’t want to nose in on their process.  What I can do is take a cute picture of Zoe and remember my MiL fondly.  I don’t know the answer to my subject question but in this case I’ll be remembering her most on this anniversary.

Gender is know 99% sure

No such thing as 100% you know.  Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting this yesterday – most importantly the baby is as perfect as can be (and still look freakishly like Skelator) we have proof of fingers, toes, brain, kidneys, spine, arms, legs… you get the picture and baby was very very active, I know I’ve said I have been feeling stuff but the acrobatics we saw yesterday were impressive.

I took a little time to say goodbye to the ‘other’ (purely fictional) baby and now we are set to go forward happy.  Here is my post from last time on the subject of Schrodinger’s baby.  This time there is also the added pressure of either turning our two girls into a trio, or, adding an odd ‘man’ out with a boy (with 2 older sisters).  Every time I’ve talked about gender every person has a STRONG opinion on what I should have and they ALL imply that the only reason we had a third is to get a boy.  For the record, that is not true at all.  There are also lots of people who like the surprise and while I can’t say I won’t use gender pronouns in the future, here is your opportunity to keep the secret for yourself.

So, in order for you to know the gender of this baby you need to PROMISE to be nothing but positive.  To unlock the post below that finally tells you the gender of #3 the password is promise.

Protected: it is a…..

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Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is not a good thing. I think we are all aware of that. If you’re not aware, here is me telling you that it is a bad thing that ignoring won’t make go away – get checks of any out of the ordinary symptoms. There – public service done.

Second public service. If you see a weird facebook status update from people that says "I am going to________________for___________ months." It is a stunt to promote breast cancer awareness; the blanks are filled in based on your birthday and there is a list of things corresponding to each month/day. I’ve seen these in the past and had NO IDEA what they were talking about and that’s when they were saying something silly like “my pocketbook is Green and I love Cheese” that was just weird but if I saw that one of my friends was going to Morocco for 6 months in her status I would honestly think cool, Morocco is fun but 6 months is a long time! Why saying something obtuse is supposed to create awareness is beyond me, but, saying something that is potentially believable is just mean. Hopefully the Breast Cancer social media campaign does not hunt me down for putting this out there but I know I would want to know why all these people are saying they are leaving for foreign countries for long periods of time… I share this sentiment with lots of people and recently another blogger wrote on the topic and I share her feelings on the subject. Why not empower the internet to be direct like at 10am on Feb 10 remind all your friends to be healthy by XYZ (fill in a message… btw, breast cancer isn’t the only bad guy out there, just in case you didn’t know…) in your status. Being direct might get through to people. Who knows, just my opinion.