Archive | December 30, 2011

Last full day in NY

NY weather did not disappoint on weather for our last full day.  It was gorgeous out and we took full advantage by going to the local free park.  It was nice seeing all but one of my girlfriends and the kids.  Its a small park but there are some neat animals and it is small enough to just let them run and there is no place to go.  Timing was a bit off so lunch was late and we ended up with two sleeping girls who ate a very late lunch but it was nice to spend time with everyone.

I had a bit of time to pack today so I’m basically done, just a bit to do in the morning.  I am pretty pleased about how timing is going, I’m not stressed at all about the return trip.  I suppose at least one way should be stress free.

As expected, we are in the routine of being here and me being home full time.  Bedtimes are pretty smooth, we have a good schedule going and I’ve just gotten to the comfortable stage with the kids.  They are also at the point of liking having all the extra family around and goodnights at home will be dull with just us again. Its time to reverse the process soon and I wish it was not but vacations have to end…

And to end the day I had coffee with a friend who is running for running for congress.  It was a nice conversation, it is always fun to stretch my brain in a political direction.  A very tiny part of me is envious but I don’t think I would trade my life for his on a bet.